Noah Lumbantobing, Communications Associate

Noah comes to ioby by way of Seattle and Indonesia (a long story that also involves rhinos). At ioby, he supports communications and storytelling work, helping to let people in on the poorly kept secret of community-led decision making for change–through crowdfunding! He is passionate about racial justice and collective agency, and is excited about the ways he can contribute to that everyday through ioby. He comes to ioby after previously working at the NYC Mayor's Office of Strategic Partnerships, supporting government, philanthropic, and private sector partnerships that advance the public good. 
Noah holds a B.A. in Politics and Government from the University of Puget Sound. Originally an Oregonian and Indonesian, he spends a lot of time shuttling around the world meeting old friends, making new ones, and eating plenty of good food. When he can stay put he enjoys shell fishing, visual design, and geeking out over urban planning and local governments.
noah [at] ioby [dot] org