Little Green GiantHow do we measure success? Success at ioby is urban neighborhoods with more sunlight, open space, fresh veggies, greenery and people! When money and people connect to great projects, we're getting it done.

On the right, you'll see some stats we keep to measure where we are and where we're going.

On our our video channel, there are some stories that go hand-in-hand with those numbers. You can also check out our map of completed projects and, of course, our blog.

You can expect a lot more from this page in the next few months, but for now, dig into some of our fascinating reports below. (We're not kidding! They're great!)

Our Annual Giving Report

Each year, we produce our Giving Report, chock full of stats, numbers, graphs, charts, maps and stories that show the impact of the projects funded through ioby during the year. So, check out the ideas that have come to life in our backyards, and enjoy!

ioby's 2010 Giving Report

ioby's 2011 Giving Report

ioby's 2012 Giving Report (view interactive) (download)

ioby's 2013 Giving Report (view interactive) (download)

ioby's 2014 Giving Report (view interactive) (download)