Erin Barnes: What Charlottesville means to me

by ioby
September 18, 2017

In my position at ioby, I’m fortunate to see firsthand some of the work being done around the country to make our neighborhoods stronger, more equitable, and more kind. Seeing it often makes me feel optimistic about Americans’  ability to lead our own communities in the change we want to see. But sometimes we’re served […]

AWESOME PROJECT: Let the light shine in — to Parker Village, Detroit

by ioby
September 15, 2017

What do you do when your city repossess over 1,000 streetlights in your underserved neighborhood, literally putting the lights out on you? Build your own. Only better, and greener. Bring in, that is, community-owned solar power. That’s what Jackson Koeppel, co-founder and Executive Director of the membership-based solar power nonprofit Soulardarity, thinks is the answer […]

When getting that 501(c)3 status is not the right move

by ioby
September 14, 2017

ioby works every day with all types of community groups and leaders. These range from loosely-affiliated groups of neighbors working together for the first time on a specific and discrete project, to established 501c3 nonprofit organizations with paid program staff and multiple sources of operating revenue.  (Here’s how crowdfunding can help established nonprofits.)   Oftentimes, […]

VIDEO: The Pico Aliso Neighborhood Project

by ioby
August 30, 2017

Pedestrian safety and walkability are pressing issues in Boyle Heights, which is surrounded by six freeways and serves as a gateway into downtown Los Angeles. In the Boyle Heights’ Pico Aliso Neighborhood, the community group Proyecto Pastoral’s Comunidad en Movimiento (CEM) aims to improve walkability and street safety, especially for children, youth, seniors, and those […]

AWESOME PROJECT: Come in for the coffee, cheap printing, and creative services… stay for the gaming and community

by ioby
August 25, 2017

Lots of people have pretty fixed ideas about the video gaming world. Violent games, sexist games. Isolated young men who aren’t engaged with real life. You know the story. Well, there’s another story, too, and it doesn’t get told often enough. That’s why business owner (Master Collective is his graphic design and creative services company) […]

What we’ve learned in “Phase 0”

by ioby
August 24, 2017

We suspect a very small number of people are reading this right now. If you are, you probably live in a city where ioby has an on-the-ground staff person or you are likely one of ioby’s peer organizations who have over the years asked if we would release all our “Phase 0” reports publicly. So, […]

Civic Crowdfunding for Trust and Resilience

by ioby
August 23, 2017

ioby has worked with over 1,200 civic groups to raise more than $3.6 million dollars in citizen philanthropy for positive community projects. We enable and lift up leaders who are working to make their neighborhoods stronger and more sustainable. ioby leaders fund and create public art, gardens, small business cooperatives, bike infrastructure, public health campaigns, […]