Does crowdfunding work for large or established nonprofits?

by ioby
March 28, 2017

Here something we hear  fairly often: Sure, crowdfunding works for small startups raising a seed  money, or loosely affiliated groups of neighbors working together for the first time, but why would my  large, relatively well-established  organization want to crowdfund? After all,  we have several established revenue streams, including foundation or corporate funding, an active list […]

Detroit Food Academy: Where tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are making today’s tastiest snacks

by ioby
March 20, 2017

This spring, ioby and Eastern Market are partnering to present the Eastern Market Growing Communities Matching Grant Challenge. We’re offering 17 awesome local food entrepreneurs the chance to double the donations made to their projects on ioby’s website between now and April 3—dollar for dollar, up to $250 per donation, and up to $3,000 total. […]

Building healthier communities webinar now available!

by ioby
March 15, 2017

Earlier this month, ioby presented our second session in our new series of “Lunch and Learn” webinars. This conversation was all about how to bring  healthy living to your block. We heard stories from successful ioby projects that focused on community health, and got to see models and approaches for making our neighborhood healthier. We […]

What could federal funding cuts mean for our neighborhoods?

by ioby
March 14, 2017

At ioby, our work centers on connecting people who have good ideas for their neighborhoods with resources to make positive change. Much of our work focuses deliberately in neighborhoods with a history of disinvestment, where resources have been scarce for decades. Sadly, disinvestment in our communities is far from a thing of the past. Under […]