Video: Our favorite day of the year

by ioby
June 11, 2015

If you know us, you probably know how much we love  it when neighbors get outside and hang out together. Add in  urban parks and green spaces, urban hiking, collaborative, art, awesome dance, and  more, and you’ve got Hike the Heights!  The 11th annual roving street party (funded on ioby!)  took place last weekend, and […]

Top fundraising ideas for grassroots success

by ioby
June 9, 2015

It’s a great time to be a grassroots fundraiser. The Internet, online social networks, fiscal sponsorship, and an uptick in enthusiasm for DIY projects of all kinds mean that, in many ways, it’s easier for individuals to raise money now than ever before. That said, this is also an age of information deluge, and it […]

Website upgrades to help your project shine!

by ioby
June 2, 2015

The ioby website is all for you. It’s where ioby Leaders post about and raise money for their projects, where volunteers and donors find the projects they want to support, and where we sing out everyone’s successes as much as we can. We’re always working on ways to improve—especially ways to make it easier for […]

AWESOME PROJECT: Empowerment Fairs in West Harlem this Summer

by ioby
June 1, 2015

Three years ago, 30th Precinct Deputy Inspector Ruel Stephenson called a meeting in his West Harlem neighborhood. It was time, he said, to bring together as many local leaders as possible, to do some brainstorming and to work towards solutions to the area’s drug and violence-related struggles. Elected officials showed up. Clergy showed up. Community […]

AWESOME PROJECT: This amazing children’s garden in Delray, Florida has a banana forest. Believe it.

by ioby
May 21, 2015

Shelly Zacks, preschool teacher-turned community garden activist, grew up unplugged and outdoors, roaming the wild green spaces of her hometown, Delray, FL. That’s how it was for all her friends. “I didn’t have air conditioning when I was a little girl,” she explains, “so we were cooler outside than inside. And we had the best […]

Recipe for Change Video: How to Start a Time Bank

by ioby
May 14, 2015

 Time banks are an amazing way for communities to share using time instead of money as currency.  The time bank movement is helping neighbors all over the country shift us away from economies based on consumption to economies based on relationships. The concept is simple: 1. You spend 1 hour doing something for someone in […]

Come Hike the Heights with us on June 6!

by ioby
May 13, 2015

Mark your calendars, folks – Saturday,   June 6 is the eleventh annual Hike the Heights celebration! For those who haven’t participated in years past, Hike The Heights is a big, awesome, community-building, parks-celebrating, enviro-stewardship-promoting party that takes place every year in gorgeous Washington Heights. This is hands-down our favorite New York City summertime event and […]