What could federal funding cuts mean for our neighborhoods?

by ioby
March 14, 2017

At ioby, our work centers on connecting people who have good ideas for their neighborhoods with resources to make positive change. Much of our work focuses deliberately in neighborhoods with a history of disinvestment, where resources have been scarce for decades. Sadly, disinvestment in our communities is far from a thing of the past. Under […]

Building civic power, one block at a time

by ioby
February 22, 2017

What defines a civic action? What does meaningful civic engagement look like? How can communities build civic power? People often think of a civic action as something like voting in an election, taking to the streets for a protest, or writing a letter to an elected official. And we certainly don’t disagree! But at ioby, […]

Leaders Wanted

by ioby
February 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered why we use the term “ioby Leader” to describe the people running the projects you see on our website? If you have, you’re not alone—we get this question all the time! Here’s our thinking: Why not… creators? Leading an ioby project is a team effort. Individual initiative is key to making […]

Looking for a blueprint to launch your project?

by ioby
February 6, 2017

“Recipes for Change” is a new series of successful and replicable blueprints that can be applied to your ioby project. We’ve made them available to you online or in print-out form.   What are “recipes for change”? Change requires collaborative action, time and plentiful resources. So, we’ve reached out to leaders in community organizing, advocacy, planning and other […]