#TrickOutMyTrip: A Texas ioby leader is back with her replicable, rider-led, water-saving installation

by ioby
July 29, 2016

Just months after the successful launch of her combination rainwater-catching-bus-shelter and native-plant-garden project, Texan Melissa Robledo is back for the second round of Trick Out My Trip, and she’s taking her idea to even greater heights.   Let’s rewind a few months to look at how this City of Austin employee took a simple founding […]

#TrickOutMyTrip New Orleans: Planners & neighbors working for better transit

by ioby
July 28, 2016

Great minds think alike. At ioby, we’ve long been proud that much of our resident leaders’ work aligns with their local governments’ high-level priorities, and that many leaders make a point of working directly with their decision-makers to gain consensus and ensure that neighborhood voices are heard. Right now, lots of exciting urban planning measures […]

#TrickOutMyTrip SoCal style: DIY bike repair & community-led street change

by ioby
July 27, 2016

By many definitions, Southern California is a paradise. It’s replete with lovely weather year-round; bountiful edible produce; beautiful landscapes with endless opportunities for recreation; and a world-renowned melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and languages. But how do SoCal’s 18 million regional residents navigate their paradise? How do they travel between work, play, and home? The […]

#TrickOutMyTrip Day 2: Transit comes alive in Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis & Miami

by ioby
July 26, 2016

If you’ve been following   ioby, you may know about the incredible neighbor-led  work in Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, and Miami. In each of these cities, dozens of ioby leaders are working tirelessly to make their neighborhoods stronger and more sustainable. The leaders behind this year’s Trick Out My Trip projects are shining examples.    Cleveland: Community […]

Trick Out My Trip: It’s ON!

by ioby
July 25, 2016

The day has arrived. Let’s roll! Awhile back, ioby and Transit Center  announced that our Trick Out My Trip (TOMT) campaign was coming back for round two. We love this program:  residents  with   great ideas put in     elbow grease and work alongside   local transit agencies to improve the transit experience   all around the country? And […]

AWESOME PROJECT: Free CPR Classes for Cleveland

by ioby
July 12, 2016

What would happen if you or a loved one went into cardiac arrest, and professional medical help was far away? Timothy Sommerfelt is a paramedic for the city of Cleveland, and he knows firsthand that when a person’s heart stops, help is by definition  always too far away – unless, that is, a neighbor or […]

Learn from a Leader: Bring healthy cooking to the classroom!

by ioby
June 27, 2016

Many factors contribute to our health, including genetic predispositions, access to quality medical treatment, and even the amount of sleep we get. But have you ever thought about how your neighborhood affects your health? “Social determinants of health” is the term for every external condition in which we are born, grow, work, and age. These […]

How is ioby different than other civic crowdfunding sites?

by ioby
June 24, 2016

In the last ten years, crowdfunding has become a huge industry, with  billions of dollars a year being exchanged on hundreds of platforms  worldwide each year.  Crowdfunding has supported everything from  art and music, to new technology, to  personal causes like medical bills and travel expenses. The sub-field of civic crowdfunding – in which money […]