Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School co-founder Susan Tenner on what crowdfunding has meant for her nonprofit

by ioby
October 13, 2016

About four years ago, civil rights education attorney Miriam Nunberg approached Susan Tenner through mutual friends, and asked her to join a group of parents in the Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, and surrounding neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY for a conversation about the district’s middle school application process. They were concerned. The district, everyone knew, had […]

A small project prompts an important conversation in Brownsville

by ioby
October 11, 2016

“Because there’s been such disinvestment in Brownsville, whenever there’s any new investment, people are distrustful of what the intentions are. It’s appropriate to ask ‘why now?’ and ‘for who?’” – Erica Mateo, Brownsville Community Justice Center   What makes a successful neighborhood project? The best ones are often the ones that provoke the most meaningful […]

Learn from a Leader: Amplify and Track City Service Requests with a Community 311 Phone Bank

by ioby
October 10, 2016

Want to start your own project but need some inspiration? Our Learn from a Leader blog series is profiling past ioby Leaders who succeeded in bringing more fresh food, active transport, green spaces, and other healthy improvements to their neighborhoods. Read on, and imagine what you could do on your block!   About the project: Native […]

2% for Racial Justice Work

by ioby
October 5, 2016

 To read an update on this work, please click here. By Erin Barnes Structural racism is a part of every day work at ioby. We work in communities with long histories of disinvestment, the majority of which are African-American neighborhoods where residents’ household incomes lie below the city’s median. Many of the neighborhoods we work in — […]

Why crowdfunding for communities?

by ioby
September 19, 2016

ioby is built on the belief that a simple and proven tool — crowdfunding — can be put in the hands of people and communities that need it, and the results can be transformative for people, for places, and for power structures. There’s no denying that crowdfunding is booming. Worldwide, the dollars raised through crowdfunding […]

Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge! Why Exercise When You Can Just Dance? Turn It Up Tuesdays Makes Fitness Fun

by ioby
September 16, 2016

ioby’s Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge is launching loud and proud this week. We’re super excited to be partnering with the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHF) to support citizen leaders in nine neighborhoods and cities across New York as they take an active role in creating a culture of health where they live. Extra excitingly, the […]