ioby has teamed up with the  Cleveland Climate Action Fund and Resilient Cleveland to award dollar-for-dollar matching funds to community projects that prepare Cleveland neighborhoods for the impacts of climate change.

Round 2 of the Cleveland Climate Action Fund Crowdfunding Challenge launches in May!

If you have an idea for making your Cleveland neighborhood more sustainable and resilient, share your idea by Monday, May 7th, to get started. Projects that demonstrate community buy-in by raising 5 donations before June 24th, may be funded up to 50% of their fundraising goal by a CCAF matching grant!

Share your idea for a more resilient Cleveland! 

Learn more about Round 2 eligibility and timeline

The projects below have been selected to receive a dollar-for-dollar match of the funds they raise until May 15th, up to an amount equivalent to half their fundraising goal. So give generously and join your neighbors in creating a more sustainable and resilient Cleveland!

Support a project today: 


  • Save the World with Worms!

    Feed worms, not landfills! Make awesome compost, keep food scraps out of landfills, and reduce greenhouse gases with worms.

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,659
  • Our entrance to the garden.

    The Art of Nature

    Paying students to grow and maintain a garden while mentoring neighborood kids and creating art!

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,010