Since we began our on-the-ground work in Cleveland in March 2016, ioby has trained over 600 Clevelanders to plan, fund, and build positive change in neighborhoods across the city, gathered 290 brilliant ideas for local community projects, and supported over 100 project leaders in launching their crowdfunding campaigns. Together these leaders have raised more than $140,000 in small donations to make Cleveland neighborhoods safer, greener, more livable and more fun.

Ready to make change where you live?

Contact Indigo Bishop at or text her at 216-930-4030 and she'll hep you get started!

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Monthly Workshops with Indigo

Asset Mapping Workshop for Youth

Wednesday October 17th, 6-7:30pm @ Boys Hope Girls Hope (9619 Garfield Blvd)

Come learn the whats, whys and hows of asset mapping. What is an asset? Why would you map them? How would you use a map of neighborhood assets to plan your community project?


Launch and Learn: Crowdfunding Your Community Project

Tuesday October 24th, 6-8pm @ Bar Louie downtown (1352 W 6th St)

Already submitted your idea? Come connect with other ioby leaders, build your campaign page and start collecting donations! Start your campaign page ahead of time at and I’ll buy you a burger!


Pitch Practice: Making the Ask

Sunday October 29th, 1-2pm @ Jack Flap’s (3900 Lorain Ave)

Practice your pitch with other inspiring people ready to fundraise this season. Brunch is on me if your campaign page is already live.


Ideation Station

Friday November 4th, 8:30am - 10am @ Hot Spot Cafe (1332 Carnegie Ave)

Got an idea for a community project? Come tell me about it and I'll buy you a cup of java and help you craft a plan to move your project forward.


  • Full Spectrum: Collinwood's Incubator

    Full Spectrum: GamerHaven is a membership-based creative space designed to blend coworking, creativity, education, and modern technology. The community can use this space to learn, work, and play, together.

    NEEDS: $0 of 4,820
  • Dignity Duffels

    Homelessness is many things, but it doesn't have to be undignified.

    NEEDS: $0 of 2,602
  • CAAO Youth Innovation Forum

    Students from the Harvard/Lee/Seville, Union Miles, and Central neighborhoods will get the opportunity to qualify for a scholarships and transportation assistance.


    NEEDS: $0 of 300
  • Uplyff Kiswahili Language and Culture for kids

    With this project we plan to teach five classes in three locations through the year.  The budget includes materials for the students, a small stipend for the teachers and an authentic meal for everyone.  

    NEEDS: $0 of 720