There's something about Detroit, right? That something is people like you, the resourceful and creative neighbors who work to make positive change in the neighborhoods and communities of Detroit. You have the power to change Detroit block by block.

Across the country ioby leaders have raised more than $4 million in small donations for neighborhood projects, including more than $100,000 right here in Detroit!

What would you do to improve your neighborhood? Tell us your idea below and you can start crowdfunding this month! Rhiannon Chester or Joe Rashid, Detroit Action Strategists, will follow up with you to turn your idea into a reality.

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ioby Detroit is made possible thanks to generous support from the Kresge Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

  • Picture of Nate mixing poultry feed

    Help Hay Creek Heritage Farms Scale Up with a Mixer!

    Help us purchase an auger bucket mixer to increase efficiency in custom blending our non-GMO poultry food, organic seed starting mix, and organic soil amendments, in order to produce more eggs, vegetables and flowers.

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,733
  • Clean, Crisp and Cool our Veggies!

    Help us right-size our infrastructure and equipment at Lawn Gone Food Farm so we can wash, store and transport our produce in an efficient way that ensures food safety, freshness and quality.

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,610
  • Photo_Mushroom_Factory_Founders

    Need a Lift?!

    Moving More, Wasting Less: A forklift for our farm will enable us to dramatically increase mushroom production and collaborate with other local farmers to recycle a greater quantity of spent materials. 

    NEEDS: $0 of 4,770
  • Nurturing Our Seeds

    Planting one seed of love and knowledge at a time! 

    NEEDS: $0 of 2,615 + Volunteers
  • Keeping Cool on Iroquois Ave Farm

    Help us build a walk-in cooler for produce grown on the farm so we can harvest produce at the peak of it's readiness and keep it cooled to food safety standards. 

    NEEDS: $0 of 5,700