Ready to submit your project? Please review the criteria below.

On ioby, anyone with a great idea for change in the neighborhood can raise funds, find volunteers and promote the project. To be an ioby project, your project must:

  • Have public benefit:  Your idea should be aimed at the public good, rather than private benefit. While it is common, you do not need to be associated with a non-profit organization.

  • Benefit your neighborhood's community, local environment or both: ​ioby exists to serve our local neighborhoods; generally speaking, that should be the goal of your idea, too. Regardless of whether you (or your organization) have a larger focus, your project must make positive change at the local level. For us, this means that your neighbors or other citizens can see or understand the social and environmental impact of your project on the immediate area.

  • Produce tangible, measurable results: When your project is complete, you should be able to see, hear, or show numbers that indicate the positive change you've made. ​If your idea involves changing minds or opinions only, consider revising your project so that the result is not only a changed mind but also a changed environment.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at or (917) 464-4515, ext. 7

Examples of Eligible projects:

•    A neighborhood association organizing a planting day to revive a neglected park
•    A college student group building green roofs on dorms
•    A gardening club teaching neighborhood children to garden
•    A church group creating a stream buffer to clean a polluted river
•    An outdoors club installing living ground cover to connect green corridors and protect waterways
•    A student group conducting water testing on a field trip to a local waterway
•    A bike group creating more bike parking spaces in their neighborhood
•    A non-profit providing diesel retrofits on school bus engines so children breathe cleaner air
•    A community garden group installing a rainwater harvest system
•    A high school student group performing an energy assessment of their school
•    A community-supported agriculture program hosting an educational farm visit

Examples of Ineligible projects:

•    Projects that take place outside of the United States
•    Projects that involve political advocacy, lobbying, electioneering
•    Projects which consist of printing paper advertising materials and direct mail. We encourage groups to consider advertising their projects with web resources like blogs and newspapers and via email listservs and websites.  You can also use to organize volunteers and participants to your event, assuming it meets our criteria.  We make exceptions to this printing rule only when you can adequately prove that a community can only be reached by printed material, mailed and/or distributing fliers.  In this case, we encourage you to use community boards rather than direct mail.

If you're ready:  start your project!