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On ioby, anyone with a great idea for change in the neighborhood can raise funds, find volunteers and promote the project. To be an ioby project, you must:

  • Have public benefit: ioby exists to serve our communities and the local environment; generally speaking, that should be the goal of your idea, too. Your idea should be aimed at the public good, rather than private benefit. A key principle of our model is that your project is looking for a donation, not an investment. Ideas that generate a profit are not accepted because we want all of the projects that receive donations to provide public benefits, not private gains. (Not to mention that we guarantee to donors that donations to projects are tax-deductible.) We sometimes make exceptions for demonstration projects or pilot efforts by socially minded start-ups that meet our other criteria and which are not seeking a profit. While it is common, you do not need to be associated with a non-profit organization.

  • Benefit your neighborhood's community, local environment or both: ioby’s focus is on neighborhoods. Regardless of whether you (or your organization) have a larger focus, your project needs to be aimed at the local level. For us, this means that your neighbors or other citizens can see or understand the social and environmental impact of your project in the immediate area.

  • Produce tangible, measurable and measured results: These should be immediately apparent to one or more of our five senses.

  • Be local and site-specific: Part of our mission it to encourage community engagement directly with the local environment. Your idea should be for a particular place, a public space, or at a specific site so that people can understand (and even come see) where you’ll be making an impact. If your idea involves changing minds or opinions only, consider revising your project so that the result is not only a changed mind but also a changed environment. (For example, teach kids about healthy eating habits and ecosystems by bringing them directly into community garden to do hands-on work.)

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at or (917) 464-4515, ext. 8

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