This week Groupon is featuring ioby project Free Eggs on the Free Range in Bushwick, a great project to transform a vacant lot into a new urban farm to raise chickens, grow veggies and provide a great, green, open space for the community. If you already got your Groupon, scroll to the bottom to redeem your voucher.

The project was created and is run by Bushwick City Farm, a volunteer-run organization that provides free food and free clothing to people who need it in the Bushwick community. You can help Bushwick City Farm's Free Egg project this week on Groupon. The funds raised will go to organic chicken feed and materials for the farm. Go to the Bushwick City Farm project page to learn more, or, if you haven't already go to Groupon to see the deal.

Below the pictures, you can redeem your Groupon voucher and sign up for a volunteer day at the Bushwick City Farm. If the iframe below doesn't load, you can redeem your voucher here.