In a few key ways. 

1. ioby is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so all donations to projects on ioby are tax-deductible.

2. As a nonprofit, we have a mission to make sure your project is successful. This means

  • we have a very high rate of fully funded projects,
  • we have a unique flexible finish policy that makes it easier for you to get the funds you raised,
  • we have a low fee structure that intentionally supports early stage ideas and small projects,
  • we host webinars specifically designed to support civic leaders.

3. ioby is more than a funding platform. We call ioby crowd-resourcing because we want you to get all the resources you need for a successful project. We connect you to other civic leaders, host meetings and discussions to support thought leadership in local solutions and civic engagement, and bring you into a community of peer learning through our Recipes for Change toolkit. 

4. You know what's best for your neighborhood. All projects that are good for the community and make no profit are eligible to use ioby

Many things!

1. You can start a project of your own at
2. You can donate to any project of your choice.
3. You can help us spread the word by becoming an ioby ambassador!

Errbody! You don't have to be anyone special to donate, volunteer or lead a great idea into action.

Did you lose your password? Happens to us all the time. No worries. At the top of the page look for a button that says "get a new password." If that doesn't work, give us a call at 917-464-4515 or email us at

You bet! Share what you have learned on ioby and build your own network of ioby donors and volunteers through your user login page. ioby projects depend on the collective action of many people. Only together can we be part of great environmental change.

Yes. All project groups are required to post regular updates of their progress on their project's blog. When the project is completed, groups are required to submit a project evaluation and final expense report to ioby so that we can ensure the projects are completed as described in the project application, timeline, and budget.  It is very important to us that we hold our projects accountable, because this builds trust with you, their best supporter.

Sounds like you're our kind of people. Donations as small as $1 are still very meaningful, but if that's still tough, we understand. We always need extra help, whether you have time to share, an old computer or party planning skills. We encourage you to find projects on ioby that need volunteers but we're also happy to have help around the ioby office, making seedballs, tabling at garden conferences or planting signs around your neighborhood.

Other donors can be anyone who cares about the environment or cares about his or her neighborhood -- from your neighbor to someone in another borough or another state.  With this new site, you are now able to see the profiles of other donors and talk to them about environmental change in your neighborhood.

ioby gratuity is an optional — but crucial — part of your tax-deductible donation.

We make a suggestion that you add 20% (similar to a restaurant gratuity) to your donation, but you can change that to any amount you'd like (just edit the box) — or remove it entirely. The choice is yours.

Projects on ioby are funded by people just like you, people who care about the environment and care about their neighborhoods. allows lots of people making small donations to have a big impact. Anyone might be a potential donor: you, your neighbor, or someone across the country who finds the projects on our site meaningful for one reason or another.

ioby is a community of donors, volunteers and leaders dedicated to making stronger, more sustainable neighborhoods. Our name is derived from the opposite of NIMBY. We have a mission to deepen civic  engagement in cities by connecting individuals directly to community-led, neighbor-funded projects in their neighborhoods. We do this primarily through our web-based crowd-resourcing platform.