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Con Edison Power Up Neighborhood Match Program 2024

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Enrollment Closed for 2024

Donations are matched up to $500 per donor, and up to $3,000 total for eligible projects in New York City and Westchester County.The 2024 Con Edison Power Up Neighborhood Match Program supports residents in New York City and Westchester County as they bring to life their ideas for positive change within their communities. Do you have a project that makes your neighborhood greener with parks, gardens, or trees? Are you beautifying your community with art? Does your project solve a local environmental issue? Or maybe you are hosting a visual or performance art event? We want to hear from you! Don't worry, there's no application process. Simply submit your idea below and we'll be in touch. 
When you crowdfund on ioby for a project that is eligible for this match, donations will be doubled instantly so you can raise the money you need twice as fast. If someone donates $25, your page will reflect a donation of $50!Enrollment in ioby match programs is always first come, first served, so start soon for a better chance to double up to $500 per donor and up to $3,000 per project.  Simply share your idea with the ioby team, and we’ll confirm within 1-2 business days if your project is eligible for match program. Then you can fill out your ioby crowdfunding page and begin fundraising, with support from our experienced team of fundraising coaches. First-time fundraisers are welcome—we’re here to help! While you fundraise, donations to your page will be instantly doubled so your fundraising work goes twice as far. 


Donations are matched up to $500 per donor, and up to $3,000 total until the program ends. To receive match funds from the 2024 Con Edison Power Up Neighborhood Match, your project must:1. Provide a public benefit to residents in Con Edison’s service area, which includes the five boroughs of NYC and Westchester County,  except the Rockaways. The Rockaways are not eligible because they are outside of the Con Edison service territory.  2. Be specific to the three eligible project categories: Environment, Green Space, and Arts & Culture. Examples below.3. Be led by a resident, informal group, nonprofit organization, place of worship, school, or business based within Con Edison’s service area.4. Not be aimed at making private profit for a specific individual, family, or business entity.5. Be implemented by December 31, 2024 at the latest.6. Finish fundraising and cash out by November 30, 2024 at the latest.7. ioby policy requires that match participants achieve a minimum of five distinct donors in order to cash out with matching funds. Here's why8. Be specific and concrete. Please note that all ioby campaign pages must include a budget outlining how funds will be spent.9. Fit within one of following project areas (see details below).  10. Please note, current Con Edison grantees are NOT eligible for this match opportunity. 11. Please note, campaigns for COVID relief are NOT eligible for this match opportunity. This match is specific to the three categories funded below: Environment, Green Space, Arts & Culture.  Examples of Eligible Projects:
  • Environment - Projects that promote local solutions to environmental issues, such as:
    • Recycling or composting programs
    • Projects that promote biking, walking, and public transportation as greener alternatives to car travel
    • Green infrastructure projects
    • Tree planting
    • Environmental education
    • Environmental justice efforts
    • Projects that promote energy conservation or renewable energy
    • Initiatives aimed at emergency preparedness for climate change or building community resilience to climate change
  • Green space - Projects that make your neighborhood greener through caring for parks, gardens, or street trees, and that encourage resident use of and engagement with green spaces, such as:
    • Improving park amenities
    • Street tree planting and stewardship
    • Park clean-up days
    • Community events held in parks or gardens
    • Converting a vacant lot into a community garden or pocket park
    • Expanding and supporting community gardens
  • Arts and Culture - Projects that beautify and enliven communities with the visual and performing arts, make art more accessible to a broad audience, or engage community members in the creation of art, such as:
    • Arts education programs
    • Murals and public art installation
    • Art parades and other participatory arts events
    • Free or affordable ticketed arts events  
Eligible Expenses:Funds raised as part of this match challenge can be used to cover any cost directly related to your specific project, including:
  • food and other event costs
  • event permitting fees
  • volunteer rewards such as T-shirts
  • advertising and marketing
  • materials and equipment
  • educator, performer, speaker or intern stipends
  • local travel
  • software and hardware
  • contracted services
  • consultant fees
  • staff salaries and administrative overhead, prorated for the time spent on the project.


  • Social service or charitable projects that lack a primary focus on arts, environment, or green space.
  • Projects led by an outside organization that aim to ‘serve’ a community, but do not deeply involve or engage residents of that community.
  • Arts or cultural projects that are not affordably priced for the community they are based in or do not have an accessible public component.
  • Fundraising for a pool of funds to be re-granted to others or used for an unspecified purpose in the future.
  • ioby may determine that a project is ineligible at any time.