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ioby helps neighbors grow and implement great ideas one block at a time. We believe it should be easy to make meaningful change “in our backyards”—the positive opposite of NIMBY. Neighbors nationwide have raised nearly $4.5 million in citizen philanthropy on ioby for projects that make their communities healthier, greener, safer, and more livable. When you post project on ioby you can collect tax deductible donations, find new donors and volunteers, and receive one-on-one fundraising coaching. Learn the basics of fundraising with ioby.

ioby also offers match funding opportunities throughout the year. When you participate in an ioby match program, we’ll double donations in real-time as you fundraise! So when someone donates $20 to your campaign, it will instantly be turned into $40. Match funding can be a great way to accelerate your crowdfunding campaign and make your fundraising work go twice as far.

Not sure if you qualify? When you tell us your idea, a member of our team will automatically check to see if you're eligible to receive matching funds.


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Current ioby match opportunities


The Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge

Up to $10,000 per project, for any project that enables healthy living and promotes a culture of health in the eight communities in New York State. Eligible project types include green space, community gardens, food justice, nutrition education, fitness programs, community sports activities, school-based health initiatives, anti-violence initiatives, walking/biking programs, health education, etc.

Learn more about the Healthy Neighborhoods Challenge


One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge 

Up to $10,000 per project for any project that helps Pittsburgh's Northside neighborhoods thrive. Made possible with the support of the Buhl Foundation.

Learn more about the One Northside Crowdfunding Challenge 


Allegheny County Community Development Challenge 

Up to $800 per project for any project that benefits a low-to-moderate income neighborhood in Allegheny County. Made possible with the support of the PNC Foundation.

Learn more about the Allegheny County Community Development Challenge 


Common Ground Crowdfunding Match

Up to $1,500 per project for any project that benefits community life in Cleveland and surrounding counties (Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake counties). Made possible with the suport of The Cleveland Foundation, in partnership with the 2018 Common Ground event.

Learn more about the Common Ground Match


Questions about ioby match funding programs? Contact ioby Partnerships Manager Ethany Uttech at