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the project

The young men get to choose from different workshops covering topics from male etiquette, loving yourself, and how to dress in your tie. Then all of the young men have the opportunity to choose a few ties that were donated by the community and get a tying lesson from community men that came to help. At the event this year we saw the young men connect and start mentorships with the men. This was an amazing way to highlight regular men for black history month. 

We also had a school psychologist come and host a workshop for the moms on the daily trials of raising young men in today's society. The vendor hallway gave everyone access to resources like Towards Employment, The Fatherhood Iniative, and Cleveland Transformation Alliance. Next year we hope to add dining etiquette and provide a full sit down meal where they can use those skills that day. We also hope to add a few more workshop topics such as race and equity-based conversations as well as successfully navigating life transitions and want to make the day longer. This year the event was for three hours but I think six or seven would be a great time and that will include the dinner. The longer day will allow for each young man to attend at least two workshops, hear the keynote speaker, participate in the dining etiquette and sit for the meal.

the steps

We will start in October with the push for tie donations and send out sponsorship letters

In November we will open registration for volunteers and start marketing for 1,000 Ties

December we will open the registration for the 1,000 Ties event

January walk through and logistics of venue

Interviews and media-January & Feb

Potential date for 1,000 Ties- Feb 15, 2020

why we're doing it

We want to teach young men, especially young men of color, skills that they will be able to use for a lifetime. At our first event, the overwhelming majority of attendees were African American, and that tells me that we need more of this work in our community. The looks of accomplishment are priceless at the end of the event. They can use these skills when looking for jobs, interviewing for schools or scholarships, and daily interaction with adults and peers. Our goal is to bring candid conversations about race and equity into next years event. 

I came up with 1,000 Ties after watching my son have to learn to tie a tie on Youtube. I knew at that time that he is not the only young man that does not know this skill. This skill and many others like handshaking and eye contact are getting lost. I decided to create an event where young men could come and learn those skills from men from their own community. At the event men from the community came out for a day of learning and networking.


Venue & Security $1,000

Food $2,500 (sit down meal after dinner etiquette session)

Advertising $2,500

Event/Venue Misc. $1,000


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $382

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $229




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