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Korey B
2002 Cortland
(12 Street/Rosa Parks Blvd )
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the project

The 12th Street S.O.U.L. Tool Library will be a membership-based non profit providing low cost access to tools for members of block clubs and associations. Memberships for local contractors and lawnskaping companies will be availible at a discounted rate. We will carry basic hand tools, power tools, gardening tools and wheel barrows.

Our mission is to transform 1978 Cortland (which has been an eyesore for years) into a community tool library. We will be able to provide members with opportunities to be self-sufficient, maintain stewardship over thier land and build a more sustainable Detroit. We want residents to join forces towards a shared vision and provide them with access to tools to maintain their homes and community gathering spaces. Through this resource we will reinforce community engagement and collective ownership of this beautiful city!

Training programs for the youth will also be launched to promote health activity as well as free skilled trade training. Through our partnerships with both Life Remodeled and Impact Detroit we are looking to continue to help organize block clubs and The 12th Street (Sharing .Our. Universal. Love) Tool Library get us that much closer to making a real difference. We need funding to cover the cost of land aquistition, basic renovation to the property, training and recruiting. Just recently Life Remodeled deployed over 11,000 people in this community that donated time, labor and materials. Fixing 50 residents homes, boarding up over 300 abandon properties and clearing blight from over 300 city blocks. It encouraged many to start taking better care of their property, so now that it's clean... LET'S KEEP IT CLEAN!

We've also partnered with We Unite Foundation a community based mentoring program for the youth which allows us to use thier non-profit status (making your donation tax deductable).  Help us make this dream a reality so that together we can build a stronger community! We need to raise $80,000 to purchase and renovate the home, recruit  and train and to cover ongoing expenses. Help us make this campaign a success and we can get our doors open as early as June, 2018!



the steps

For the last 2 years we've spent winter, summer, spring and fall working, raising money, building partnerships and putting everything necessary in place to open the doors next summer. All we need now is the capital to make it happen. Help us reach our goal and we will be able to do the following:

1)  Land Aquestion

  • 1978 Cortland Street
  • Parcel Number 08003866
  • Community Partners with Detroit Land Bank

2)  Basic Renovation (during this stage, students will assit in the construction providing them with training on how some tools are used and the overall building process)

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • HVAC
  • Pluming
  • Electrical
  • Landscaping
  • Paint
  • Drywall 

3)  Recruit and Train

4)  Open the library


why we're doing it

This project starts in a historic Detroit area that was devastated during the 1967 Riot.(Detroit,2017) For years vacant homes and blighted alleys robbed our children and serves as a constant reminder of what happened 50 years ago. For the past two summers, we have worked in this particular community helping to organize and develop a plan. The moral is becoming more positive in our community and we'd like to think clean streets and boarded up homes had something to do with that.

Our community is becoming aware of the value of stewardship and the proper tools to assist their efforts is our goal for this project. We've partnered with many of the churches, community leaders, local recreation centers, educational institutions and business owners to help bring this project to life and we are thankful for all of their efforts.


Pre Fab Structure to house equipment-$5000

HD Camera System-$1000

Green Light Program

Tools- $5000

Town Hall Meeting-$500

Food and Entertainment -$500

Advertisement -$250


Ridesharing Fares-$100

Sign Language Instructors-$25

Legal Fees-$5000

Youth Stipends: $12,525

SubTotal $30,000

ioby payment processing fee $900 

ioby fiscal sponsorship fee: $1500

Total:  $32,400


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