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the project

Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative is partnering with Safe Kids Mid-South (led by Le Bonheur Children's Hospital) and the Shelby County Schools office of Health, Physical Education & Lifetime Wellness Department (SCS HPELW), to launch a 9-session Bicycle Safety Program (BSP) for 4th graders in local elementary schools. In order for our program to launch, we need two Classroom Sets of bicycles & helmets, plus the pedal-powered equipment to deliver those bicycles to our participating schools. We seek funding to purchase the equipment, which will then be paired with our philanthropic and corporate donations covering programming for Year 1 of the Revolutions’ 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program. Once fully funded, we anticipate offering our program in 7 schools, in the Spring of 2018/2019 and Fall of 2019/2020 school years.

Our 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program will get kids moving and increase their awareness of the positive effects of healthy lifestyle changes. We will concretely frame bicycles as sustainable contributors to health and wellness. Revolutions’ 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program curriculum is designed to meet SCS’s health and physical education benchmarks for 4th Grade. 

Revolutions has a list of 15 schools in the Core City who want this program. In the initial 2 schools:

  • 120 4th graders will complete the Revolutions 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program 
  • Each school will be given the resources to share bicycle safety knowledge with their entire school community, including other grades in the school and families


Our priority launch schools are:

  • South Memphis and Orange Mound neighborhoods, with 85-100% economically disadvantaged students.
  • Midtown, with schools serving significant numbers of economically disadvantaged students (51-73%).  


Our Partners:

  • We are working closely with partners our partners at The Works, Inc, JUICE Orange Mound, SCS’s HPELW office and Principals and PE Coaches to determine where best to begin.

the steps

Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative will use our workshop to build 2 classroom sets of bicycles. We will work with a cargo trike manufacturer to customize a pedal-powered vehicle that meets our specific need of moving these classroom bicycles to each of our participating schools.

January - March

  • Purchase and build 2 Classroom Sets of bicycles
  • Train staff and volunteers on 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program curriculum
  • Design and order custom configured pedal-powered cargo trike & trailer


  • Lead Bike Trains to School at 3-5 schools to raise awareness of upcoming 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program 

April - May

  • Launch first two 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program schools
  • Host Program Completion Celebration rides, open to the community

August - December

  • Launch 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program in up to five additional schools
  • Continue Bike Trains to School and Program Completion Celebration rides, at all participating 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program schools

why we're doing it

Riding bicycles to school is a great way for youth to stay active and healthy. But children between the ages of 10 and 14 have the highest rate of bicycle crashes for all age groups. Since youth are usually at fault, a majority of these crashes can be avoided through education. The Revolutions 4th Grade Bicycle Safety Program approaches bicycle safety like “Driver’s Ed” for bicycles. We work with 4th graders because they are mature enough to learn the rules of the road. And they are at an age when parents are beginning to allow more independence. We believe that if we can create safe riders in 4th grade, they will carry this skill throughout adolescence. 

Additionally, we are in a time when obesity among children and adults has reached epidemic proportions. Bicycling is an excellent and efficient means to meeting daily physical activity needs. Introducing bicycling to 4th graders as a form of exercise and transportation has great potential in Memphis, both for health and public safety, IF children know how to safely navigate our city streets.

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Needs Addressed

  1.  Memphians are 35% overweight, 35.8% obese. 26.1% participate in no physical activity.
  2. In 2010-2015, LeBonheur Children’s Hospital treated more than 300 children and teenagers who sustained serious head injuries due to bicycle crashes. But only a few were wearing a helmet. Average age of injured: 9 years old (4thgraders).
  3. The Baptist Community Health Needs Assessment 2016 found that diabetes and heart disease were recognized by key informants as two of the top health conditions affecting residents in this region.  
  4. The University of Memphis Poverty Report 2017 found that the City of Memphis has a child poverty rate of 44.7%. And one reason that poverty is increasing is the lack of comprehensive, effective, and efficient public transportation that makes progress against poverty very difficult.
  5. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) 2013 shows:
  • 87.2% middle schoolers never or rarely wore a bicycle helmet.
  • 58.2% are not physically active at least 60 minutes per day on 5 or more days per week.




2 Classroom sets of 25 bicycles = $19,300

2 Classroom sets of 25 helmets = $1,000

Pedal-powered Electric Assist Cargo Trike, to move Classroom bicycles around town = $13,500

Cargo trailer, to increase Cargo Trike's capacity = $1,200

SUBTOTAL $35,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,050
Total to Raise on ioby= $36,085



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