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the project

Recess Cleveland would like to host over 50 pop up recess events in Cleveland neighborhoods during the warmer months of 2017.Recess Cleveland aims to increase public participation, stimulate emotional growth, and promote physical activity by throwing pop up recess events in areas lacking positive environments for recreation.  At our pop up recess events, we focus on playing large-scale games that have a low barrier of entry and require a unique combination of skill and teamwork. Our events start with ‘old school recess’ - we drive to an empty lot in Cleveland and spread our recreational equipment (Frisbees, ‘Skip its’, hula hoops, etc.) out in the lot for participants to use until enough community members and previous event attendees arrive for our organized games, including Capture the Flag, Zorb Games, Battle Ball, Battle Soccer, Traditional Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Whiffle ball. In between games, we create contests (e.g. hula hoop, tug of war, dance, etc.), and with the support of food donations from individuals and other community organizations we often share food. Over 2100 people have attended the 20 Recess Cleveland events we’ve hosted in the past 7 months and we hope to offer nearly 75 pop-up events at locations throughout the Cleveland this year.   Crowdfunding support will be used to execute these endeavors; we’ll purchase food items and update or add equipment (when needed).

the steps

1.     Finish up or website  -  March 2017

2.     Activate Social Media Vote to determine locations for “50 Days of Summer Recreation – with Recess Cleveland”  -  April 2017

3.     Reach out to CDCs, Schools, Parks and Rec, etc to determine availability and feasibility of location use  -  April 2017

4.     Announce winning locations and acquire necessary insurance  -  May 2017

5.     Purchase Equipment  -  May 2017

6.     First Event Starts  -  June 3rd, 2017

7.     Last Event Ends  -  August 13th, 2017

8.     Complete Final Reports  -  September 2017

why we're doing it

This program is uniquely important for kids in our communities given the diminishing extracurricular activities in our public schools, especially recess.  There is a strong need for positive, safe experiences for our youth and community members of all ages.  Research shows there is a direct correlation between physical activity and an overall positive, healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is also a direct correlation between impoverished neighborhoods, minorities and a lack of options for physical activity. Only 61% of African-American students get recess at school as compared to nearly 85% of white students. Neighborhoods with high rates of minorities and low incomes are the least likely to have resources to provide physical activity to its residents. Recess Cleveland simply provides these opportunities.

During recess events, the Recess Cleveland team builds an environment that helps neighbors who don't often see each other interact, brings families together in fun, encourages interaction between youth, adults and seniors all using fun community building activities and friendly competition. The benefits are many; including an increase in community engagement, an increase in positive interactions between neighbors and other attendees, and improvement in physical health via exercise for those who participate in the recess games. Neighbors in areas that support recess events will not only recognize each other from previous events, but will also have talking points when engaging in conversations. The positive relationships we develop should also deter fighting and reduce crime as neighbors often begin looking out for one another again.



Disbursed Budget (5/22/17)


Raised = $3,970.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $114.61

Total to disburse = $3,820.39

$2,274.39 Recess Cleveland Box Truck

$298 Water slides (2)

$55 Popcorn machine

$269 Dunk tank

$250 Inflatable bouncer

$54 Tunnel Pop

$208 Miscellaneous games

$412 Generator


Original Budget

$1,734 - Human Knocker Bubble Soccer balls (15)

$100 - Knee pads

$626 - Duffel bags

$298 - Water slides (2)

$80 - Metal detector

$119 - Duct tape (119)

$55 - Popcorn machine

$269 - Dunk tank

$250 - Inflatable bouncer

$54 - Tunnel Pop-up (2)

$408 - Miscellaneous games

$412 - Generator

$1,560 - Human Hamster ball

$6,431- Subtotal

$193 - ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)

$35 - ioby Platform Fee

$6,659 - Total to Raise



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