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the project

Acoustic Soul Music Center is a nonprofit organization that was created to provide surrounding communities and aspiring artists with access to free or affordable recording services. ASMC will provide professional recording-studio services such as free studio time, artist development, marketing strategies, music lessons/instrument use, and music programs. ASMC seeks to service its (public) members and the community through the use of creative musical talents, and through the access of both public performing showcases, and the Acoustic Soul Music Center itself. Acoustic Soul is passionate about authentic/original music, public service, and equal opportunity. ASMC also believes that any dream is attainable, but opportunities must be available before success can be reached. The money raised from this campaign will go directly toward filing fees that are required to gain certification with the state of Tennessee. 

the steps

Once our goal is reached we will pay The Foundation Group ( to file our paperwork with the state. 

why we're doing it

Memphis has a serious problem with poverty and crime. This has a lot to do with the lack of opportunity in Memphis. ASMC seeks to provide south Memphis and other communities with the opportunity to display and develop their talent. ASMC will directly impact poverty and crime in Memphis, by feeding and educating communities through ASMC outreach programs. At its highest operating capacity, The center will be a resource for the city, an attraction for tourists, and a vehicle for musical talent. ASMC is committed to social change, creating opportunity in Memphis and all around the world!


IRS Nonprofit filing fees- $4,000 

SUBTOTAL = $4,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $200
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120



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