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the project

AgLanta is a collective of community members dedicated to cultivating local, thoughtfully-grown food for our communities on vacant sites we have adopted throughout the City of Atlanta. We are creating innovative ways to grow food, end food deserts, and build sustainable urban agriculture businesses. We "grow with purpose".  

The goal of our holiday fundraiser is to raise $25,000 to purchase the basic necessities we need to make each site vision come to life. This includes staples like tools, plants, soil, and compost.  YOUR holiday gift of $5 to $500 will help us reach our goal and ensure the success of one of the most innovative urban agricultural initiatives in the country. 

Thank you for participating in this collective effort to "grow with purpose."  Together, we are growing a more resilient, equitable, and accessible food system for ONE Atlanta.

the steps

January 2019 - Meet as a team to place orders collectively. 

February-March 2019 -  Hold workdays at the 8 sites to distribute and incorporate compost, start spring seeds, etc. 

March - June 2019 - Utilize tools, compost, seeds, etc. to grow with purpose.

Spring/Summer 2019 - Distribute our produce and products according to each site's specific mission (e.g. donate produce to end hunger).



why we're doing it

Each of the 8 agricultural sites seek to collectively strengthen the local food system in Atlanta, Georgia by pursuing their own purposes:

  • Outdoor Fresh Farm's purpose is... to create an urban farm that employs innovative, eco-friendly techniques to produce abundant and nutritious food sources and spreading the knowledge of sustainability throughout the community. 
  • Gratitude Botanical Farm's purpose is... to educate, grow, serve, feed and protect the people of Atlanta and it’s history through the art of organic, urban agriculture.


  • Farm Awry's purpose is... to create a woman-run farm that grows dye plants and medicinal herbs and explores the creative relationships between people and plants. 
  • Ecosytem Orchard's purpose is... to grow pesticide-free fruit for my community. 
  • Joe Farm's purpose is... to produce local, free-range chicken eggs and hops in an underutilized space under powerlines in my community. 
  • Carver Hills Community Garden's purpose is... to end the food desert in our community while bringing neighbors together. 
  • Campbellton Community Garden's purpose is... to provide a space for learning and connecting with neighbors around plants and food. 
  • 5 Points Farm's purpose is... to create a sense of community in the revitalizing downtown area and to educate others on creating an oasis in any sized-home and being able to grow edibles anywhere. 
  • Whitehall Terrace Community Garden's purpose is... to provide the community with healthy, nutritious food grown locally, and to grow tasty life-giving culinary herbs as an alternative to salt and sugar that has wreaked havoc in the health of our community. 

Help us grow collectively as we pursue our unique purposes in Atlanta's many neighborhoods.


Generous donations will be split equitably between our 8 urban agriculture sites (farms and communuty gardens). It will provide the following resources:
Seeds - $5 each, 200 total
Transplants- $10 each, 150 total
Compost- $20 each, 100 total
Fruit Trees - $25 per tree, 100 total
Fertilizer - $30 each, 150 total
Tools (e.g. shovels, rakes) - $100 each pack, 35 total
Tool rental - $50 each rental, 50 total
Wood and materials for beds - $200 for new garden section, 25 total
Farm vehicles - $500 installment, 5 total

SUBTOTAL = 25,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $750
TOTAL TO RAISE = $25,785



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