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the project

We are a nonprofit organization geared to keeping our young men and women eligible for the game of life. We offer mentoring, counseling and motivational speaking for at risk atheletes. We started the group because we volunteered in the community for two decades and felt that we needed to do more. By sharing our experiences, strength and hope with young people we are setting them on a path toward higher education. In the East Cleveland school district only 71.5% of students graduate and in the city of Cleveland only 66.1% of students graduate high school. 

Our speakers have had positive impact with young men and women in the community and have reached a level of althetic success in college or at universities and even at professional levels. They have also suffered through adversity and disasppointments and have come out the other side, better for it.

These speakers voluneer their time to teach youth lessons on: proper behavior (at school, in games and in public), respecting authority, respecting women, and respecting themselves, gratitude, what it means to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc.

the steps

  • Begin recruiting for program 
  • Meet with area middle/high school coaches to discuss format & curriculum 

  • Finalize initial group of students 

  • Begin weekly group sessions with speakers 

  • Initiate weekly think tank with students, consisting of current events and historical materials & academic progress reports 

  • Complete mid assessment to gauge participant progress 

why we're doing it

We have so many bright and talented young people who get caught up in the wrong things, distracting them from acheiving their goals and pusuing higher education. Help us inspire these young athletes, who are our future, to realize their power and influence in the community and the resources that are available to them here! 


8 sessions & refreshments @ $120/session = $960

T-shirts for 100 students @10/t-shirt = $1,000

SUBTOTAL = $1,960

ioby Platform Fee =   $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) = $60



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