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the project

At Polis, we have been providing community workshops opportunites, and youth developement programming for Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) schools and teen-based organizations, since 2015. Through our initiatives, we have been convinced, more than ever, that Cleveland youth remain our city's greatest and most untapped resource.  

We have launched this campiagn to secure additonal financial support (Neighborhood Conections is also a partial supporter of this project) for the first phase of our Building Your Future program which is set to launch in Spring 2019. Through a established vetting processs, Polis will be selecting students to particpate in this pilot program. In the first phase of the program (The Verification Phase) particiapants will be able to build a personal collection of tools, learn skills and receive trainning (both in-person and online).  As students are going through the 40 contact hour program, they will also be able to make some money, through alotted stipends. At the end of the Verfication Phase, students have developed a strong foundation, equipping them with the creditials needed to secure contract work at Polis.

Whether these students are looking to enter the skilled trades or are choosing a different career path, our program is designed to equip students with transferable and employable skills in an atmosphere that evokes social and emotional learning. No matter their carreer goals, Cleveland youth have gainned essentials life skills while also being equiped to contribute to the social fabric of our collective future, in positive and surpirsing ways.

Through your generous financial support you will help us proclaim that “CLEVELAND WILL RISE WITH THE EMPOWERMENT OF OUR YOUTH.” 


the steps

Once funding is recieved, Polis will quickly impliment the following action plan:

  • Develop video content for the online learning component of our program (through
  • Release a Request For Contractors (RFC) to all partnering youth organizations and current Polis students to begin the interview process.
  • Announce students selected for the Building Your Future pilot program (Phase one: Verification Phase).
  • Offer Student Orientation.
  • Begin Building Your Future program.
  • Verification ceremony (culminating event).
  • Administrative assessment and preparation for next iteration the Veriication Phase.

why we're doing it

One of the most difficult things set before young people is their need to orient themselves in today's world. Cleveland youth are no different, except that they are forced to process the logic of their own lives amidst some of the most significant and unprecedented social challenges. Despite their significant efforts for self-discovery, these social challenges have been exacerbated by racial inequity.  Building Your Future  is our attempt at providing signifcant opporunity to those for whom upward mobility is limited.


The presence of disengage youth in the City of Cleveland is significant.  A recent article released (12/3/18) by The Center For Community Solutions shows,  21.3% of youth between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither in school nor employed. The challenges associated with youth unemployment begin to grow when we consider that criminal offenses are the highest among youth and young adults, starting as early as pre- adolescence and last well through young adulthood. As Claudia Coulton from the Center for Urban Poverty and Community Development at Case Western Reserve University suggests, when youth have little or no access to employment (youth unemployment), and too much time on their hands (youth idleness), rates of youth violence increase. 

Please consider joining us as we attempt to gather and leverage all possible resources for the empowerment of Cleveland youth. Whether your donation is big or small, if we can all work togther, we have everything needed to accomplish this task.


Overhead:                                                  $2400

Staff:                                                           $2100

Student Stipends:                                       $1400

Student Tool Kit:                                         $300

Materials/Promotions/Branding:                 $600

Online Learning Platform Development:    $1000

                                                   Subtotal:  $8500

Less Neighborhood Connections Grant:   -$2000

                                      IOBY Campaign:  $6,500



ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $195

Total to Raise on ioby= $6,730



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