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Malikah A
3600 East 131st
(Mount Pleasant)
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the project

Camp Journey will provide daily services which: (1) Serve as a community location for healthy food programs & meals for seniors and families; (2) Improve physical health through farming activity; (3) Serve as a food preparation and nutrition programs to increase health among community residents; and (4) Increase number of youth who are exposed to, prepared and proficient to adopt advanced technologies and to be value-added participants in the STREAM and STREAM-related workforce.

the steps

  1. Rehabilitate the current high tunnel (roof and plumbing)
  2. Transplant starter plants to high tunnel
  3. Maintain high tunnel and plant beds
  4. Harvest
  5. Provide healthy cooking events for local residents

why we're doing it

Healthy, productive urban farms and gardens are more important than ever considering the non-sustainable; environmentally (locally, regionally and globally) destructive; and/or sub-nutritional producing industrial farms. In addition, the agricultural distribution system, especially to underserved and vulnerable communities, is not meeting healthy human nutritional needs. This malnutritive environment is especially true for children, when nutritional intake is critical to their complete physical and intellectual development.


$2,000 Equipment and Supplies

$1,500 Trainers and Contractors

$700 Administrative Costs (Printing, Mileage, etc.)  

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $131
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $4,366


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