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the project

Global Student Embassy (GSE) is supporting the Lorax Club and Science department to launch the Cats C.A.R.E. initiative.  Cats C.A.R.E. (Compost And Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Everyday) is designed to make Campolindo an environmentally concious community and drastically decrease the schools carbon footprint.

The Cats C.A.R.E. initiative is not only about the short-term behavior of the students while they are at school, but is intended to create increased (and long-term) community awareness of environmentally conscious behavior.  High School offers students the opportunity to practice civic responsibility, and the Cats C.A.R.E. program will increase student awareness of environmentally friendly behavior.

GSE, The Lorax Club, and Mr. Wildermuth's Environmental Science worked around the clock to create a PSA announcement (that was shown school-wide on October 17th).  The PSA educated the school community about the Cats C.A.R.E. initiative.  Support from art students and videography students was crucial in the creation of the video and logo.  The PSA taught students about the new recycling and composting expectations at Campolindo and where they should put different types of 'waste'.

Now that people are aware of the initiative, it’s time to start collecting recyclables and food waste on a much larger scale!  Global Student Embassy is asking for financial donations to help support the materials necessary to make the Cat's C.A.R.E. program as successful as possible.  100% of all donations received by GSE will be used for the Cat's C.A.R.E. program at Campolindo.  




the steps

1) A PSA announcement was shown school-wide on October 17th, which announced the Cats CARE initiative to the school community.  

2) 12 new recycling bins were donated (in order to have a recycling option near every trash can).  

3) Compost bins are being donated (during the week of Oct. 29th) by Waste Management facilities.  

4) Every day after lunch, volunteers will go around collecting bottles, cans, paper and compost from around the school.  

**We are now in need of a compost shredder and additional compost tumblers to enable us to decrease our carbon footprint by diverting a larger amount of our food waste.  With those composting materials (and additional collection materials) we will be able to collect a much larger amount of food waste and turn it into nutrient rich compost (which will also contribute towards a new school garden).



why we're doing it

The average American produces 4lbs of landfill waste a day!!

At Campolindo: 1,206 students + 66 teachers =  5,088 pounds of waste per day

PLUS, food, paper, and bottles are the largest contributors to landfill waste!  When the last Green Team waste audit was done at Campolindo, the report indicated that around 75% of the school's waste was from food waste alone. Decomposing food waste in landfills creates harmful methane gas emissions. In contrast, composting the waste creates a strong biologically sound fertilizer for growing food and other plants. 

Cats C.A.R.E. is designed to drastically minimize Campo's landfill waste by educating the school community about recycling and composting while creating sustainable systems and infrastructure changes that support the school in increasing its recycling and composting capacity. 



if you want to see the Cats C.A.R.E. public service announcement go to


We Need Your Support!

Global Student Embassy is asking for financial donations to help support the Cat's C.A.R.E. program.  100% of all donations received by GSE will be used for the Cat's C.A.R.E. program at Campolindo.  Our urgent needs include:


$675 for 3 Compost tumblers ($225 each) - Our urban compost tumblers increase composting time by 90%, making it possible to collect food waste on a daily basis and not run out of places to put it!  This  compost will also support the creation of a school garden.


$600.00 for 1 Compost shredder - this will greatly accelerate the compost process so that we are able to turn food waste into garden compost in a much shorter amount of time.  It also means we can buy fewer compost tumblers and avoid running out of space! 


$200 for Collection Materials (gloves, bins, bags, misc.) - we have wonderful volunteers collecting the recycling and compost materials every day during 5th period.  We would like to make sure that they have everything they need to keep the system working perfectly! 


ioby materials & labor = $35

Third party credit card processing (3%) = $44.25

TOTAL = $1,554.


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