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the project

Welcome To Our Garden!

Carrie McCracken Truce Garden(CMTG) has evovled over the years. Our membership is very reflective of the various backgrounds and nationnalities of the neighborhood. The garden has become a welcome feature of our community.

How We Begain

CMTG was started in the 1980's by Carrie McCracken, a senior resident of the neighborhood. She tended the gardenuntil she could no longer do so. Then in the 1990's it wastaken over by TRUCE's Fitness and Nutrition Program, which was housed in the school next door.

Under the guidance of Ray Figueroa, the TRUCE program gained national recognition as a youth nutrition garden. After the TRUCE program ended the garden was abandoned. In 2009 a group of dedicated  community members revitalized the garden. it was licensend as part of the NYC Parks Green Thumb Organization. That same year the garden was awarded "Most Improved Garden by Harlem Children's Zone.

the steps

We are currently seeking funds to Landscape the common areas in our garden, making it wheelchair and mobile scooter accessiable for our local community neighbors, who are mobility challenge. We also want to give the youths and our community a covered struture for the use of entertaining, holding workshops and hosting meetings that they all can enjoy.

why we're doing it

Our mission  for our landscape project is to:

-maintain a sustainable and relevant citizen-managed green space that emphasises on teaching youths and the local community on how to grow and maintain an urban fruit, vegetable or/and flower garden;

-enrich our youth programs, by building them a covered gezebo, that willbe  used for them to orgaganize and plan their own green projects for the garden;

-invite and encourge our mobile challenge neighbors to visit the garden as offten as they wish without any worries of not being able to move freely and easily through the garden. 


SUBTOTAL = 6,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $300
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $180

Helps us purchase 1 bag of cement. 60 bags needed 5 x 60 = $300

Helps us purchase lumber. 40 pcs needed. 10 x 40 = $400



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