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the project

Since the Idlewild Elementary Chess Club burst onto the scene 6 years ago, the Chess Team has won national trophies in rated and unrated categories.  By teaching players at all levels, Idlewild's Chess Team continues to grow. 

Spring is tournament season for school age chess. The Idlewild Chess Team is big on talent but low on experience. To bring them experience, we want to go to the National Junior Chess Tournament in Atlanta, GA. 



the steps

Students will prep for the Atlanta tournament by attending Chess Club once a week and Chess Team practice twice a week. In addition, each child will complete a series of homework lessons from the Comprehensive Chess Course, Volume I.

why we're doing it

Academic and chess master Peter Dauvergne argues: “Chess is an especially effective teaching tool. It can equally challenge the minds of girls and boys, gifted and average, athletic and non-athletic, rich and poor. It can teach children the importance of planning and the consequences of decisions. “It can further teach how to concentrate, how to win and lose gracefully, how to think logically and efficiently, and how to make tough and abstract decisions.”

This campaign will supplement the costs for 8 students to travel to Atlanta to continue to grow as chess players and as leaders of the school.



Lodging for 3 nights for 10 people $1300.


Subtotal                                     $1,300
ioby Platform Fee $35
Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $65
Donation Processing Fee (3%) $39
Total to Raise               $1,439


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