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The story of climate change — its effects and the search for solutions — is a global one, but PublicSource’s forthcoming project aims to make the defining issue feel local, relatable and accessible to the Pittsburgh area. The PublicSource newsroom is not alone in this endeavor, dubbed #CoveringClimateNow; major TV, public radio, newspapers, magazines and peers of the Institute for Nonprofit News will be publishing climate-focused journalism in concert in September. By increasing the visibility of climate coverage, PublicSource will be giving the climate story the attention and prominence that scientists have long said it demands. Our reporting aims to equip local residents and leaders with the information they need to take action. 

We have five weeks to raise $5,000. The focused reporting will publish between Sept. 16 and Sept. 26. The timing is not incidental: On Sept. 23, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will host the landmark international Climate Action Summit in New York. 

PublicSource knows from reader surveys that coverage of the environment is of paramount importance to Pittsburghers. Please pitch in with a gift of $35, $50 or more to support this vital project. 

the steps

The PublicSource team learned of the#CoveringClimateNow reporting project in early August. We recognize climate change as a topic that touches all of our coverage areas and decided to put the entire team on the issue to help communicate with Pittsburgh-area residents how this will affect their lives. The journalists began research and interviews right away. We called on readers to ask their questions; we heard from more than a dozen readers and our stories will be responsive to their concerns. With this support, PublicSource will ensure that the information gained will go beyond September stories and continue to be an intersectional topic our journalists will amplify through interactive, in-depth and investigative reporting. 


why we're doing it

To communicate the urgency of climate change issues in an accessible manner for Pittsburgh-area residents. 


PublicSource will publish 14 packages on climate change in September. The project funding will help to offset some of the expenses of reporting, editing, fact-checking, photography, graphic design and video.

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