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the project

Students are excited about being accepted for college and are anxious to attend. Then it is time to pack and get ready to start their four-year journey. What will they need for college besides a good GPA and a scholarship. Students need personal hygiene, linen, transportation support, and school supplies. These things may seem simple and easy to provide for most parents. However, there are a lot of students from financially challenged families that cannot afford all the amenities to take to college and have limited financial support for simple items such as toothpaste, soap, deodorant, change of linen, a good bicycle for transportation, computers and access to meals on campus in the college environment. Our goal is to help provide these items to students so that they can spend more time concentrating on academic work.  We are asking our friends and family member, business leaders and local business to donate these items and in return we ask the students to give back through volunteerism in the community.

the steps

College Shower is a non-profit organization that assist students with educational supplies and personal needs supplies while attending college. Our mission is to partner with personal products companies, computer software companies, big box and local retail stores to provide items to students who are attending college that are in need of personal care items and other support materials while in college.

  • Improve personal hygiene of students in a college environment
  • Improve access to computer equipment for student development and progression to graduation
  • Improve students access to meals on campus
  • Provide transportation passes for students
  • Provide meal cards 

why we're doing it

Students can't afford the basic necessities needed to have proper hygiene and access to a warm meal. We hope to help students have more of the basic necessities as they go off to school.


Telephone Bank (Donated)  
Postage  $300.00 
Printing  $500.00 
Food  $500.00 
Candidate Award  Ceremony  $500.00 
Meal Cards  $1,500.00 
Laundry Detergent  $1,500.00 
Personal Hygiene items  $1,500.00 
Computer Equipment  $2,500.00 
Ironing Boards  $200.00 
Monthly Transportation Cards  $1,000.00 


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