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the project

Demographic Inspirations- Detroit is a local nonprofit dedicated to eradicate blight, reuse vacant land and rehab vacant structures throughout eight blocks of the Dexter-Linwood Cordon neighborhood. Much of our work is accomplished through designing and implementing projects on these vacant lots.

All of our projects are seasonal, designed to protect the environment, and provide a clean safe sustainable neighborhood. These projects are ideas that the citizens have discussed to bring about a positive change in the neighborhood.

Since the start of our projects we have implemented:

  • The Native Butterfly Meadow with a sitting area connected to a rainwater catchment system called Rain Barrels to water plants.
  • A design with a sitting bench and Little Free Library for the children is installed.
  • Five Raised Bed Gardens in seven vacant lots that have plantings of Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Garlic and Kholrabi (a turnip) for our citizens in the neighborhood.

So what's next and how can you help?

This is Phase I of the Dexter-Linwood Cordon project and we aim to raise $6500 to help expand lot designs that transform the reuse of vacant land from decay to beauty. Phase I is south of the M-10 Lodge service drive to Fenkell and from Dexter to Muirland with several vacant lots.

We want to do the following projects beginning in the spring for our neighbors to enjoy:

  • Build-A-Garden in a double lot on Fairfied near the corner of the M-10 Lodge service drive
  • Install an asphalt walking path to connect implementations throughout the neighborhood
  • Build a Gazebo/Pergola with Fire Pit and Swings
  • Install/place a storage (shipping) container for tool sharing for neighborhood use

And during this time, more vacant lots are planned to be connected with a walking path and be transformed into a neighborhood activity space for exercise and events. 


the steps

Throughout the neighborhood, bringing each project to fruition expands the opportunity to raise the bar in what citizens want in their neighborhood. Phase 1 projects for Dexter-Linwood Cordon will:

  • Include citizens with rebuilding and implementing sustainable projects in the neighborhood.
  • Identify all parcels in the neighborhood and its owners.
  • Eradicate blight in the alley-ways, reuse vacant lots, and identify structures to demolish and structures to be saved.
  • Salvage, deconstruct and remove debris from vacant lots and alley-ways.
  • Playspace strategically placed in and around the entire Dexter-Linwood Cordon area.

And as we complete projects in Phase I, we will continue to expand neighborhood revitalization projects with additional Phases for Dexter-Linwood Cordon.

why we're doing it

Blight removal is one of the highest concerns in the neighborhoods. Neighborhoods in the City of Detroit are plagued with blighted (overgrown) alley-ways, vacant land, and unoccupied structures that attract crime, scrappers that make unsafe environments. Clearing and cleaning alley-ways, reusing vacant land and rehabbing unoccupied structures address the concerns that citizens feel is a stumbling block for economic value and neighborhood revitalization. It is very important that as we continue to expand our projects with the help of the citizens transform into the children enjoying the work we do and give a safe place to play. As we teach our children they will come and continue to maintain our neighborhood.




Autumn Blaze 1 2"  $          360.00  $     360.00
Blue Spruce 11 7  $          280.00  $  3,080.00
Tree Mulch 7 Cubic Yd  $            45.00  $     315.00
         $          -  
Raised Bed 4 4x8x2  $            50.00  $     200.00
Slag Sand 25 Cubic Yd  $            39.99  $     999.75
Landscape Fabric 1 Roll  $            30.00  $      30.00
Fabric Pins 4 Boxes  $             3.88  $      15.52
Bed Edge 38 16'  $            30.92  $  1,174.96
Edge Stakes 45 Stakes  $             2.85  $     128.25
         $          -  
Compactor 1 4 hrs.  $            70.00  $      70.00
Auger 1 4 hrs.  $            80.00  $      80.00
Sod Cutter 1 4 hrs.  $            70.00  $      70.00
Roto Tiller 1 4 hrs.  $            70.00  $      70.00
         $  6,593.48

SUBTOTAL = 6,594
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $198




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