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the project

Donté's Gift Express was started in 2013. This Christmas we are gifting the most important thing in our communities, families. This holiday season we are revamping the values of family and would like you to be a part of it! During the holidays, the value of family is often lost in the excitement and stresses of the season as families push to juggle work schedules, wish lists and unforseen hardships. According to the American Psychological Association's phone survey of 786 adults, the hustle and bustle of the season prompts negative emotions with 67% reporting they worry about lack of time, 62% worry about lack of money, and 26% experience emotions around loneliness. On December 23, we plan to surprise 200 families in East Cleveland with gifts the whole family can enjoy together; for example: board games, sleds, family movies, cookbooks/cookware, gift cards and other items a family can enjoy together.

Once the money is raised, our team of volunteers will purchase gifts at Five Below, wrap the gifts and identify 10 random streets in East Cleveland to surprise on December 23rd. We will again partner with East Cleveland Police Department to help pass out gifts to families highlighting community policing. Seeing and conversing with local officers builds relationships of trust and respect; its proactive vs reactive. In addition, we will provide 1-3 families with the 'Betty Ruth Family Gift.' This gift is for families in need of a holiday meal or additional support for the holiday. It is named after my grandmother who passed 2 years ago; she was instrumental in creating Donté's Gift Express and insured each year that we had holiday cards to accompany the gifts. This Christmas help us unwrap the joy of family.

the steps

1. Fundraise.

2. Invite public to nominate families for 'Betty Ruth Family Gift.'

3. Seek volunteers to help wrap gifts on Dec. 9th.

4. Identify police officers from East Cleveland that will deliver gifts with us.

5. Purchase and wrap gifts from Five Below on Dec. 9th.

6. Identify 10 random streets in East Cleveland to deliver gifts.

7. Saturday, December 23rd - Gift Delivery




why we're doing it

Every year for the past five years, Donté's Gift Express seeks to celebrate what family embodies: love, hope, unity, trust, empowerment and fun! With the planning team being raised in East Cleveland and still residing in East Cleveland, we know first hand the challenges of poverty-stricken lifestyles. But its our resiliency and our hope that we make it everyday. Despite our situations, we have family and/or extended family through friends and/or organizations. The holidays for the most part, represents joy but sometimes joy is overshadowed by life's harsh realities. We are here to say, "We understand how tough the holidays can be, but lets all take a moment to just enjoy each other...lets unwrap the joy of family."


$1,000 : 200 gifts from Five Below

$350    : Betty Ruth Family Gift (2-5 families will be chosen to recieve additional gifts or holiday meal, based on need)

$125    : Food for Volunteers (wrapping day & gift delivery day)

$100    : Volunteer Thank You gifts

$75      : Supplies (wrapping paper, tape, scissors)

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