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Lena B
1353 E. 85th Street
(Glenville, Hough)
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the project

We will curate a moveable feast and conversation serving local vegan food prepared by local Chefs and home cooks. We wish to highlight the potential of communities to create their own sustainable community food systems to meet the dietary needs as well as contribute to the halt of global warming th through conscious consumption (vegan plant based eating) which lessens the impact on global warming.

the steps

We will connect with each community to involve steakholders .

Secure venu

Plan menu

Connect with local growers for produce

Produce an amazing event!

why we're doing it

Climate change is real! The impact on communities is real! We will help to mitigate the impact on our communities through conversation, and informed action. The crucial step of engagement means everything to marginalized communities who many times feel left out of the conversation. Our communities have a strong legacy of Resilliance and continue to display those actions today. We will support the innate Resilliance of these vital communities with updated information and tools for thriving with our interactive curated events.


$1500.00 FOOD

$1500.00 EQUIPMENT

$1000.00 VENUE  


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