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the project

We believe all individuals have a right to clean and healthy air quality in our homes. 

We are providing a low-cost DIY solution to reduce indoor air pollution. Through our two year initiative, we've experimented with different strategies to combat high indoor air pollution.  Through our program, we've seen direct results showing the negative impacts of outdoor air quality on our indoor air quality.  For example, when we have an air quality alert day in Pittsburgh where the outdoor air has higher levels of pollution, this is mirrored indoors where we have home air quality monitors. Pittsburgh has the 8th worst air quality in the nation based on the 2017 American Lung Association annual Air Report. 

When I go to sleep on a hot summer night, I open my window to cool off the room.  This is the worst air quality because our outdoor pollution is so high Pittsburgh. So, let's intervene to clean the air that we're bringing into our homes.  

An effective intervention is a box fan with a filter attached, placed in bedroom windows so that the air is cleaned as it's brought into the home.

We're raising community investment to assemble and distribute window fan filters to improve indoor air for 90 households in Pittsburgh.  We're not waiting around for our air to get cleaner, we're intervening for health immediately. 


the steps

Buy box fans and MRV filters, assemble, and distribute through community hubs to reach those most in need. 

why we're doing it

We believe all individuals have a right to clean and healthy air quality in our homes. 


We aim to distribute 90 of DIY indoor air filters to improve air quality in our homes. 

Box fans: $20 each

MRV 13 filters: $30 each

Assembly supplies: $1 each


Project Subtotal =  $4,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $225
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $135
Total to Raise on ioby = $4,895



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