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the project

In late 2018, a group of Arma residents began gathering at the library to participate in Community Conversations facilitated by Live Well Crawford County.  The topic of these events were addressing barriers to healthier lives.  After much discussion, it became clear that this community of 1,400 suffers from poor access to healthy foods.

Over the next several months a resident leadership team began forming and guiding the work of the Healthy Communities Initiative grant.  In February, 2019 this group of residents chose an initial project to pursue which would increase access to fresh and healthy foods for their community.  This is when the idea of the Arma Community Garden was born.

In April, 2019, representatives of this group approached the Arma City Council about this project.  The council understands the food access issues faced by its community, and voted unanimously to let these committed residents use a portion of McDonald Park as a garden site.  They also agreed to tap the main water line, install a meter, run pipe and install a garden water hydrant.  They City of Arma will also be footing the water bill for the community garden.  They know that gardeners grow food, and gardens grow communities.  

Now Let's Get Growing!

the steps

  • Plot out garden site & spray to kill grass and weeds
  • Hook up water line to hydrant on garden site
  • Plow, spread fertilizer, and till soil
  • Plot out rows and walking paths and plant
  • Establish new food pantry at library
  • Expand existing food pantry at high school
  • Weed, water, harvest, eat, repeat

why we're doing it

1,400+ Arma residents are 9 miles from a grocer who supplies healthy, fresh foods.  This affects the health of people of all ages and income levels.  The Arma Community Garden will help teach people how to grow their own food and will supplement food pantries which serve the most vulnerable of their neighbors.


  • food pantry assistance - $2,500
  • watering systems & hoses - $400
  • storage, equipment & sign- $3,350
  • garden tools & carts- $850
  • plants, seeds & fertilizer - $1,600
  • volunteer supplies - $300 




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