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Winny C
West 45th Street
(Fenwick - Menlo Area)
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the project

In the Spring we want to start the ground breaking for our Community Garden. We will install new beds and clean up the area by I90 on Access Road. We would also like to hang flags and place trash cans in the neighborhood to designate our pride of community. We will use the area in the garden for fellowship and meetings. It is a large area to tackle, but we have a strong core group with vision. Any donations would be appreciated !!

the steps

Design the space with the community

Purchase supplies

Notify neighbors and invite them to an action day!

We have the will - You can provide the way!


why we're doing it

We have the old and the new community and we are trying to bridge the gap to bring everyone together. We have heard from day one " all talk and nothing gets done".  I am sure every block club has heard that all over Cleveland.  Not anymore for the Fenwick - Menlo Community. Our Communnity is a small and unique area that can be beautified with a little hard work and capital.


 We would like to have an area for benches and tables were family can meet in our garde area : Benches and Tables $ 1000.00

Need mulch for this area as well as the garden area: $200.00

Plants and flowers for the garden area as well as along the Access Road: $1,000.00

Flags and Trash Cans around the neighborhood: $3,000.00


Project Subtotal =  $5,200

  ioby Platform Fee  $35

  ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156


  Total to raise on ioby = $5,391






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