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the project

Help us support the 6th season of arts programming at First Park Green Arts Park! As a volunteer-run community organization, we are more excited than ever to bring you this year's arts events.

FSG provides ongoing cultural arts activities for the community, by engaging with cultural groups, artists, designers, and architects, to produce murals, musical performances, sculptures, dance, theatrical performances, workshops and more! This season, we will continue to bring exciting arts programming to the community.

the steps

Funding for artist stipends for muralists, musicians, speakers and others working at FSG park.

Purchase insurance that covers all programming and sculptures.

Purchase equipment and supplies to facilitate art programs.

Purchase and replace the beloved rose bushes destroyed in the summer of 2017.

Marketing costs to publicize programing in collaboration with community groups at FSG park.


why we're doing it

FSG builds community through the arts. We promote environmental stewardship through our care of the park. In August 2017, when our roses were dying from the draught, we sought advice from our neighbor, Liz Christy Community Garden, and put in an irrigation system. When the green thumb community garden on First Street needed a new fence, FSG contributed $500. We have turned blight into beauty, and serve the needs of individual park users and local organizations.

Before FSG park, the lot it stands on was a terrible health and safety problem, as we began to work for change in 2008. With hundreds of burrows breaking through the pavement, it became so unsafe that the city insisted it be kept locked. The advent of new luxury buildings and high-end businesses nearby disrupted the rat population, pushing many of them into this small lot.

Our location in the Lower East Side gives the park an incredible advantage as a community space, as the area attracts audiences for cultural and arts programming, with high use and visibility. FSG park is in close proximity to many community and cultural assets that already exist in the area, including Fourth Arts Block [FAB-nyc], the New Museum, and many Lower East Side art galleries, music venues, and theaters.

We listen to the community. During our visioning workshops, we saw that arts and ideas programming is valued. Our most active members and collaborators are in the arts. An art park was a missing piece in the First Park footprint.

FSG is an all-volunteer organization. We encourage ongoing community participation in programming and gardening, and welcome new volunteers!


Capital Expenditures (One-time cost) Replace 50 Rose Bushes:

$35 x 50: $1,750


Administrative Expenditures

Event and Sculpture Insurance $2,500 per year.


Programming Expenditures (Seasonal)

Event Refreshments:

Refreshments for free public events (art receptions, performances, installations, seminars, workshops, block party, etc.) $1000 [We ask local merchants to donate food and drink (Mudd Hut, Lower East Side Girls Club Bakery, Joe Doe, Prune, Tuck Shop, and Juicy Lucy have donated to our events in the past.]

Promotional Expenditures (Seasonal)

Printing tri-fold double-sided brochures, postcards $450

Printing fliers, posters, and invitations for public events $1200

Office Supplies $500

Expenses for Interns: $1,000



Capital Expenditures (One-time cost)

Permanent installation of structural steel posts to provide structure for canopy and future installations $10,000

Demountable canopy system $1000 - 7,000

Portable lighting system for evening events $500

Portable public address sound system $500

Design & construction work Pro Bono


Administrative Expenditures:

Filing and Legal Fees for Not For Profit Incorporation and 501(c)(3) status $1000 (Lawyers Alliance for New York fee: $375.00)

Office Supplies $500

Expenses for Interns: $1,000


Programming Expenditures (Seasonal)

a) Event Staging Costs

Honoraria @ $300 per special appearance $3,000

Yoga and other Instructors $750

Rental of Sound Equipment $1,500

b) Materials and Equipment

Transportation of artwork and materials $1,500

Installation and honoraria for Sculpture: $1,500

Project Subtotal =  $7,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $350
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $210
Total to Raise on ioby = $7,595



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