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the project

 We are raising money to create School Security plans and provide Active Shooter training. We have a great staff of trainers that are ex-military and law enforcement with years of training.

So, what do we really do; Forseti Project will come to your school and give a safety audit that include an in-depth look at all hazards, current policies, procedures, training methods, physical security, technologies, past incidents, liability, documentation, response and recovery methods, compliance to national standards, reporting strategies, and other best-practice models. We then train teachers on how to react to an active shooter, improvised explosive device (IED’s) and how to give first aid. We do this at no cost to the school plus we give the schools equipment like First Responder Trauma Bags and equipment that can help keep any door closed and ballistic blankets so that teachers and kids stay safe inside where they are.

We can then implement a School Security Plan (SSP) after the training. With the new skills, the teachers have learned they will be better prepared in the event something does happen. Our plans are not just for violent situations, they can be used in the case of almost any emergency.

We also train Law enforcement, in active shooter scenarios, a better-trained officer means a faster response time. But the training doesn’t stop there, here in Washington State if the police department wants to give their officers specialty training they have to send them to Texas on the Department’s own money and time. Forseti Project can step in and give these brave man and women this training without them having to leave the state and without their departments spending any money. We provide officer down training and injured officer training as well as alternative self-defense techniques. We believe that we can give our officers a better chance at staying alive in the unfortunate event some happens to them on or off duty.

the steps

Frist step would be to find a home for our project, a vacant office space where we can hold inventory have a face to our name.

Start working with local our state distributors so we can start working on inventory for training. ie( First Aid bags, Door Locking devices, training material books, and training aids.)

Purchase office equipment and furniture.

Start training.

Continue to fundraise thoughout.


why we're doing it

Little backstory about how Forseti Project came to be. I’m Sean Miller Founder and President, I'm a Retired Army Sergeant. While Serving in the Military I was a Military Police officer, I was trained as an SRT team member (Special Reaction Team) the Army's S.W.A.T team. I was able to attend many Schools of training,

  • SRT, Active Shoot Instructor, Weapons range safety officer and trainer.
  • Essential Skills Trainer (EST) designed to simulate live weapon training events.
  • Executive Protective Services, Advanced Anti-terrorism/Evasive Driving Courses.

 I was also Deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan. One of our mission goals was Quick Reaction Force (QRF) for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EDO) and QRF for Kandahar city. For two months, we provided QRF for Special Air Service (SAS) British special forces.

I started the Forseti Project Charity with the focus of Training. I have watched the news and so many times seen a Mass Shooting at a School or an Officer of Law Enforcement get shot when some if not all of them could have had a better outcome with the right training and maybe the right equipment.



Insurance $3,500
Postage $500
Printing and Advertising $20,000
Office Supplies & Software $15,000
Travel $5,000
Licensing Fees $3,500
Training equipment $35,000
Other (Explain If Any) $10,000
Subtotal = $92,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $4,625
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $2,775
Total to raise = $99,935



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