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You are invited to Hip-hop at the Bop Stop!

the project

We Empower Youth

Youth are the leaders of tomorrow? Wait, hold up. We believe youth can be leaders today!

By championing youth voice, we are empowering them to grow in creativity, confidence, and character. As we explore our neighborhood's freshest people, places and attributes, our minds are open to new possibilities, new friendships, new ideas, and new music. We put our ideas to words and our words to music, creating powerful neighborhood anthems that ring out like mini Dr. King speeches. We teach students that their voice has power, and that their voice is needed. If words create worlds, words to a beat create universes!

Why Do It

Here are a few disturbing statistics about our neighborhoods:

- 56% of residents on Cleveland live in a food desert area.
- One in three students in Glenville are poisoned with lead.
- This is a lack accessible arts programming in Cleveland neighborhoods.

We use a project-based experiential learning process where students discuss community health issues such as obesity, lead poising, gun violence and a lack of jobs to find and help develop actionable solutions. Our arts-integrated eduation on these topics help students learn and retain their learning. By creating motivational songs, they become the spokesman and spokeswomen to help educate and inspire peers to be the change they want to see. So far, we've seen students pursue college for recording arts and culinary arts, start their own home garden, gain entreprenuerial mindsets and even start their own recording studio! Hope is the first step toward healing any of our communities challenges. Fresh Camp empowers the youth to inspire hope. 

More Than a 2-week Summer Camp

During the 2-week summer camp portion of our program, students learn beatmaking, lyric writing and studio recording as they create their original songs. Over the weeks following camp, they take their message to the streets! Public performances increase their confidence and give them experience making a real difference as they uplift their community one song at a time. If our campaign is successful, we will grow our advanced year-round programs through the foundations who support us. That's how your contribution helps create a year-round mentoring program for these wonderful youth.

As students attend Fresh Camp a few years in a row, they can become eligible for our paid intership program called, "Fresh Force." Only the most committed and passionate will make this workforce development team. These older students become camp counselors and junior producers to pass on the artistic craft and community change culture we have established. By providing these, much needed, summer jobs we not only fill a community need, we give Fresh Camp students opportunities to excel in leadership by "graduating" to the Fresh Force team. 

Student Lyrics + Parent Quotes

“I see people in this neighborhood trying to make it a better place, working harder and stronger so that one day Buckeye can one day win this race, if you wanna be part of it come down to the meeting place, come on down to the meeting place. . . . We [are in] Buckeye, havin fun, trying to make the neighborhood better for everyone” - students from the 2017 Buckeye Fresh Camp

“Though the lead light (gun violence) may be strong, we, we, can carry on. Lock arms and hold on, we’ll calm the storm. In the eyes of a soldier while the world’s getting colder. Ugh!” - Dylan Palmer aka T.A.L.D. (That Artistic Loving Dude), Lead Light

“Dairy Queen...McDonald's...Burger King. It ain’t as healthy as it all seems. Look, fast food, it ain’t the business. Go eat something that will help your fitness.” - Khalid

“During the 2 weeks Devin was at the Buckeye Fresh Camp we noticed a positive change in him immediately! Devin can be very shy, layed back, even stubborn at times but is very caring type of kid. No one gets to see that side of him due to him being so shy! But he completely opened up during his time at the camp! Everyday he came home with something new and exciting to tell us whether it was about him gardening or rapping! He also collaborated on a song and and made beats on a laptop with his new friends. It was about the potholes in the city of Cleveland and that was so exciting for him! For our son to perform in front of a crowd, it was mind blowing for our family to watch! Sending Devin to Fresh Camp was one of the best decisions we could have made this summer. Thank you to all the camp mentors and a big thanks to Doc and Lee! See you next summer.” - Melissa Philpott

the steps

We begin registration March. In June and July we run a one week preparation camp for camp counselors, then three 2-week Fresh Camps in Glenville, Buckeye and East Cleveland.

Throughout July and August we release each Fresh Camp's CD's and help the students perform at farmers' markets and community events throughout Cleveland to spread their message.

why we're doing it

See "Why We Do It" above.


Summer camp costs $600 per student (80 scholarships) = $48,000

Subtotal =


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Total to raise =


Why not offer the best music and arts camp to students in the toughest Cleveland neighborhoods? They deserve it! Many students in Glenville, Buckeye and East Cleveland have limited transportation options. Our camps are possitioned right in the neighborhood so students with the least access can find a safe, arts and cultural outlet during their summer. 

$600 sends one student to camp. This covers all costs of administration, artist mentors, camp counselors and supplies. We provide healthy lunches from food purchased at local urban gardens complete with cooking lessons at camp. If we receive less than our goal, we'll run smaller camps. If we receive more, we can accept more students. Our goal is 80 students.

We are writing grants and approaching corporate sponsors to grow our digital music production and recording lab instead of operations. This will make us far more sustainable and eligible for greater grant support.  Last year grants were awarded from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation, St. Luke's Foundation, Neighborhood Connections, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, The Food Trust, Neighborhood Progress and Puffin.


You are invited to Hip-hop at the Bop Stop!

We are going to end this campaign with a nice concert at one of Cleveland's special venues. Order your ticket today! This intimate venue (dinner included) provides a great enviroment to experience Refresh Collective hip-hop artists, junior producers and students perform their heart out to raise money for Fresh Camp 2018! 

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Daryus Bell (youth leader) talking about Fresh Camp

Real stories by Fresh Camp students told through song

"No Warriors" is a collaboration between a few young ladies at the Glenville Fresh Camp 2017. They share stories of losing friends to gun violence. If fully funded, we'll help 80 students tell real stories of their lives and how to overcome challenges and inspire hope. Thank you for being a part of this!


This production was guided by Lee Harrill, Braelyn Schenk, Nate Willard and Daryus Bell. Models are from the Fresh Force internship team along with Lee Harrill.



The Chestertons and Oceanne give through music and jewelry.

We must say a huge, "Thank You," to these two local artists for making a huge difference in a very fun way! 

The Chestertons invited us to perform at their annual Christmas concert and donated 100% of their ticket sales to boost our campaign. It was a great evening with beautiful music and great friends packing out Coda Live Music Venue for A Very Chestertons Christmas II w/Anita Louise/Emily & Ivory. 

Oceanne Jewelry donated 100% of their handmade jewelry sales on one of their biggest days of the year (Dec 23rd). Thank you to all who shopped at the Oceanne boutique last Saturday! Thank you to the whole Oceanne team!

Together you guys gave us a huge weekend. Merry Christmas!!!


We've surpassed 25%!!

Thanks to a few donors who stepped up last Friday in the nick of time, we were able to reach this first, BIG, milestone before the weekends other special events! THANK YOU for being so generous and timely!



We are SO close to the 25% milestone!!

Thank you to all who donated early! You can help propel us by sharing the following message with 10 friends:  

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Give $1 so Fresh Camp 2018 can raise $2. Send to 10 people. You will help Cleveland kids go to Fresh Camp this summer!!

All Fresh Gear sales this weekend being donated to this fundraiser!!

You may order online at or grab your Fresh Gear at the Cleveland Flea or Cleveland Bazaar this weekend (Dec 8-10th)! We will send 100% of the total sales directly to this campaign to give it a kick start! It's a double gift. Buy a shirt for a friend and you help send students to camp!!

10% of the way there!!!

Thanks to the amazing intitial response from our core team who took it upon themselves to donate early, we started with a ROAR! Thank YOU!! Your early donations fill us with anticipation, hope and generosity. 

Professional crowd funding advisors suggest that the first big milestone for a large project like ours is the 25% mark ($12,500). This should come from close friends and family members before taking the campaign to social media and sharing with the next ring of relationships. We'll be inviting our closest supporters to help us achieve this milestone. 

Also, if we do not reach the total budget by the deadline, we are able to push the deadline back in order to create more fundraising opportunities. This campaign is our biggest step ever in establishing our program as a year-round multi-neighborhood system of support and mentorship for our students.

Humbly and Sincerely, 

Doc Harrill aka Dee Jay Doc 
Found and Director of Refresh Collective

Our official fundraiser launch is Wednesday, November 29th

This is a tremendous step for our non-profit organization that started seven years ago in the house of Dee Jay Doc. He had a dream to use hip-hop to reach out to neighborhood youth and give them voice. Seven years later, we've given voice to over 3000 students by helping them write and record hundreds of songs. Every song has a story. Every song has a message. We give voice to the voiceless. We belive in the power of the arts. We believe in the youth of Cleveland. And we believe in you. We are counting on our friends and important community partners to help extend the reach of this campaign. Unique camps like this do not happen unless the people who believe in them make it happen. Thank you for believing and helping us start this campaign with a energy! If you have any ideas, please reach out to us. We've already had a band offer to donate their proceeds from one of their upcoming concerts. That's amazing! Will you go along with us for this emotional ride. Every $600 represents one more student who has been given this opportunity to grow. 


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