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the project

We've been hosting neighborhood folks for breakfast in our homes for a few months and we want to keep the spirit of those gatherings going. We invite women and children, or couples to gather and have a friendly, safe space to break bread and (without judgment) discuss life's journeys together.

Help us keep the momentum going. We are excited to keep welcoming neighbors together to build community. 

Our gatherings are free and welcoming to people of all ages, race, and spiritual walks of life. 

the steps

  • Purchase supplies
  • Make invitations (print, email, facebook, text, face to face...invitations to join come in many different ways)
  • Purchase food
  • Sit and Eat!

why we're doing it

I was attacked and recieved a broken leg and quite a few broken teeth; during this time I did not have the support of any family and very few friends. In the mist of my healing process it was my neighbors and church family who were quick to aid and assit where I needed it. At the same time, we were able to pray, worship, and speak life, love, and motivation to one another to continue our fight in All of our struggles. No one or their circumstances were ignored. In having these gatherings on a weekly basis we were all able to sustain one another through each storm we had to adhear to. Therefore creating greter neighborly bonds and stable family support. Not to mention, create an atmosphere in with all ages and stages of people were able to come together listen, be heard, and break bread. It was an amazing experience for us all and we would like to continue in our efforts of reconstructing the city of East Cleveland; which many of us are from and deeply rooted.


Food: $150 per breakfast = $600

Book Purchases = $500 (10 giveaways per breakfast)

Supplies = $200 (Includes supplies, serving and cooking utensils, Hand soap etc)

Decor and Misc =$200

Total of $1500

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $47




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