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the project

I have always been passionate about helping and encouraging others since I was a child. I attended catholic schools and my mother had to pay tuition. Watching her struggle for my education motivated me at a young age to use my knack and help my mother by helping myself. I started doing hair, making cds, and Baby sitting to buy supplies and clothes for my school year.

Now, watching younger children, I’ve noticed a pattern of violence, and lack of ambition because they are not using their knack. I believe everyone has a different talent and skill and if it’s not used you’re not really living.

What I plan to accomplish with these funds is to give each child who participate in this even at backpack full of supplies and healthy foodst. In order to be a success you need the proper tools so let's help them get started!.

the steps

Secure space at Collinwood recreation center


Create event flyer

Promote talent show at local libraries, schools and recreation centers

Contact wholesale suppliers for school supplies

Purchase & rent supplies/equiptment

Host event in August!

why we're doing it

Kids aren’t using their talents and skills instead they are on their tablets, phones, and computers. Let's help children showcase their talents and encourage them to do the same for others!


Bookbags -$300

Notebooks- $200

Folders -$100

Pens/pencils  -$100

Food/pizza, juice , chips -$200

Filler Paper -$100

Subtotal =


ioby Platform Fee 


ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)


Total to raise =





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