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the project

Our 1st cooking class was FUN AND WISDOM IN GRANDMA'S was a suprise success. We were also suprised at all the young men that said they just wanted to watch and eat, but quickly joined in the cooking process, class after class bringing more of their friends each time. Now we want to '' Call Out'' to the young men in the community (young ladies are very welcome ) using Grandpa in the kitchen. We are featuring recipes from popular male chefs.

the steps

Myself, Ms. Sheila Sullivan along with the men of The York Rite Masonic Hall have already picked out the recipes we want to prepare.-DONE

Design a flyer and pepper community and websites for students - with in 24 hours

Meet to set up the classroom times vs cooking times  (make the material packets) sign in sheets / permission sheets

Check volunteers schedules - with in 24 hours

Shop, seperate, store   - 3 days before classes begins

why we're doing it

The CONCERNED CITIZENS COMMUNITY COUNCIL  motto 'Necessary fo Change' Our community comes first. Talking about problems are fine but action is better even if its just a helping hand with basic issues. THATS A START.....Get some dialog going and learn  how to help. We want to bring back pantries in homes, teach quilting from scrap clothing, baking from scratch, knitting, arts and crafts. Basics that made you comfortable in your home. Every youth that comes thru our doors is taught to sew on a button...the idea ....a start of 'Oh' I can do that, show me more usually comes next. There are times you can disable disruptive behavior when you introduce creative alternatives. EVERYONE IS ARTISTICALLY more projects can be introduced.


Basic produce:   eggs, milk, flour, seasonings, pasta, cheese, sugar, baking powder, fresh fruit ect    $1,600.

General supplies:  Head covers (bandanas) gloves, small baking tins w/lids, Plastic containers, tin foil, plastic wrap, measuring cups, large roll plastic table cloths ect   $425.

Classroom Supplies: Notebooks, printer paper / ink, (flyers & handouts, )  recipe cards, ect   $375 

Project Subtotal =  $2,400

ioby Platform Fee  $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $72

Total to raise on ioby = $2,507


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