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Team Meeting with Art Professor, Joseph Norman

the project

Greenboro's East Broad Corridor POPS! to life with iconic graphics, pop images, and a fresh look that gives a gentle nod to the town's (not so distant) history.  

It is no secret that East Broad Street in Greensboro is in need of a little love and attention. The highway that brings the most traffic into downtown is marred by sad facades and empty store fronts.  You can help CHANGE this! Greensboro's POP Avenue will transform East Broad Street with restored historic signs and newly created signs that offer a retro, pop art flare! Four possible locations have been selected. 

The first is the most obvious; the faded Coca-Cola ""ghost sign" on the eastern facade of the old Greene Supply building. A complete restoration will use historically accurate colors and techniques. The sign features the iconic Coca-Cola slogan, "It's the real thing" which debuted in 1969. The timing couldn't be better to reclaim this fantastic pop art icon; just in time for its 50th birthday!  

Concept drawings for the other locations will be publicized as plans progress.

We'll be working with Color the World Bright - a group of incredibly talented and passionate art students from the University of Georgia. Color the World Bright will research historic photographs for sign restorations and develop appropriate designs for new signage along the corridor. The team from Color the World Bright were behind the wonderful restoration of the Chero-Cola Sign at the Oconee Brewing Company in Greensboro. 


the steps

  • Contract with Color the World Bright
  • Finalize design selections 
  • Purchase Supplies
  • Schedule equipment rentals
  • Students get to work!
  • Celebrate success

why we're doing it

We believe that Greensboro is a special town with a unique sense of place. We believe that Greensboro has a story to tell through its built environment. We believe that public art increases tourism, investment, and community pride.  POP Avenue will transform a forgotten corner of town and connect Greensboro's residents and visitors to our city's past and its future.


Artists' Fee: $9500

Equipment Rental: $3000


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $465
TOTAL TO RAISE = $15,500




Team Meeting with Art Professor, Joseph Norman

Greensboro's team met with art professor Joseph Norman to develop a strategy for the implementation of Greensboro's Pop Avenue.  The team is working to finalize locations, create additonal design concepts, and develop an implementation timeline.

Joseph Norman is a Professor of Art at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia.  Professor Norman manages the Color the World Bright team who will work to restore and create pop art imagery in Greensboro.

Professor Norman's works are housed in Americas most important museums and public collections including, The Museum of Modern Art, NY. The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The National Gallery and Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC. 

Read more about Professor Norman and the Color the World Bright Team here.

Chero-Cola Sign Restoration featured in Garden and Gun

The work that Color the World Bright did on the Chero-Cola sign at Oconee Brewing was featured in numerous publications.  We are especially proud of this feature story at Garden and Gun Magazine.  With your help we will bring these talented student artists back to Greensboro to help brighten another forgotten corner of town.


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