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Bulb Planting has begun!

the project

Fidler-Wyckoff Park houses New York City's treasured oldest house, the Wyckoff House Museum. We have been regrowing our garden in the past few years to include enough growing space to offer a monthly community market. We have already built eight new beds, but need even more space to meet the growing community demand for fresh produce. Help us build three more raised beds to help grow produce and serve as a teaching space for the 5500 school children who visit each year. With more growing space, we also need a place to store our tools and equipment. A new shed will help block out the pollution from the neighboring tire shop, and provide a safe place to store our garden tools. Lastly, we want to give this historic house some more curb appeal! As a way of celebrating its Dutch roots and sprucing up the park, we will plant 3000 new daffodil and tulip bulbs along our fence.

the steps

October: Order bulbs and organize two bulb planting days with neighbors and volunteers

February: Order shed kit, building supplies for beds and layout building plan.

March-April: Garden Bed building days with apprentices, neighbors and volunteers

April: Fill beds with soil and start planting!

May: Enjoy the bulbs blooming! Put native plants in shadier areas to retain soil, deter invasive plants, and serve as important polinators

Summer 2018: Bask in the fruits of our labor with more growing space and a place to store our tools. Share our bounty with our community!

why we're doing it

This project grows our garden's capacity to keep doing what it does best: provide a beautiful green space in our neighborhood, grow fresh affodable produce, and offer environmental education. Our garden team has been working hard to keep the grounds beautiful, but they need a little extra support, space, and bulbs! Our last bulb planting was nearly ten years ago and it's time our fence got a colorful boost. We hope that the new plantings will attract even more visitors and the new beds will help us to grow more food for our community markets! 


$550 Purchase of Tulip & Daffodil Bulbs

$30 Purchase of bulb planting tools

$250 Wood for growing beds

$150 Fresh topsoil for growing beds

$30 Compost for growing beds

$100 Transportation of supplies and materials

$1400 Cedar shed kit

$50 Building hardware

$50 Linseed oil for sealing wood

$100 Food and refreshments for volunteer planting and building days

$450 Native plants

$340 Garden apprentice stipends

Subtotal = 3,500

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $105

Total to raise = $3,640


Bulb Planting has begun!

We are 65% of the way to our goal and we are so excited we already started planting the bulbs around our perimter. Here, our farm team including caretaker James and gardner Grace with farmer Anna (behind the camera) are hard at work!

Help us with the final stretch!



Bulb Delivery


We've received nearly half of the bulbs for this project. Help us finish the job, get these planted, and meet our goal of 3000! Only 21 days left!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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