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Devonna M
108st & 160th ave
(South Jamaica Housing )
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the project

South Jamaica Resident Green Committee hopes to raise health awareness and bring unity to our community. There is no selection for affordable natural vegetables, fruits or other healthier food products in our supermarkets. We will educate the residents through workshops on healthier living habits such as growing their own vegetables, recycling, knowledge on fitness and balanced diets, the effects of certain diseases related to food and most importantly, ingredients in disguise on food labels. The activities we have planned are to bring unity within the community by gathering all residents, other resident formed groups, Police department and fire department to be part of the festival. The activities are creative games that involve team building between residents and Police/Fire departments. We want to make the residents know the people who serve and fight for them.

the steps

We have assigned deadlines to all tasks to ensure that the workload is done in a timely manner and assigned members & volunteers can make meetings. 

January / February 

  • Follow up with invites to elected officials, news stations, police department, fire department, health insurances & etc
  • Design flyer for the event
  • Attend other community meetings to inform others of the event
  • Recruit volunteers 

March / April 

  • Draft cookbook
  • Recruit volunteers 
  • Design volunteer T-shirts
  • Gather rocks for rock painting class
  • Have Bi-weekly meetings to go over festival with volunteers 
  • Make a timeline for activities and workshops
  • Draw a layout of the block and designated areas for all activities, workshops & etc
  • Attend other community meetings to inform others of the event
  • Print flyers and post in buildings 

May / June

  • Book all entertainment 
  • Book catering
  • Buy decorations
  • Buy permit
  • Have Bi-weekly meetings to go over festival with volunteers 
  • Print cookbooks & other materials needed for the event
  • Follow up with invites
  • June 1, 15 & 22 are hand out flyers to residents outside


  • Prep decorations 
  • Have weekly meetings 
  • Prep give away brown bags
  • Follow up on invites
  • Prep vegetables and fruits to give away
  • Buy volunteer t-shirts


why we're doing it

Our community deals with a high percentage of people with blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. So many of our children, friends, family & neighbors are dealing with so many health issues that can be eliminated or maintained if they had access to better foods and education on farming. The seniors in this development need to know that we will bring their fresh produce to their doors if they can't come out. Our children will get to know the police officers better so they can go to them when in trouble instead of away from them.

This event will bring awareness to what resources are available within the development. By coming together as a community we can expand the farm and grow twice or triple the number of veggies we grew in spring/summer 2018. We can start to request healthier food in our supermarkets. We can combat obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure with fresh produce and healthier eating habits. Our mission is to just better our community by getting the information out to the residents and festivals have been a proven way to do exactly that in our society.



Permit $25.00
Twine $5.99
Ziplock bags $9.49
hanging tags $1.69
Plant markers $5.99
Bottled water $23.73
Apple Juice $39.92
876 Crown Catering $750.00
Chips $35.00
Rubber bands $4.70
Brown bags $42.99
Plastic bags for veggies $10.94
Paper 500ct $9.99
Printer ink $19.98
Balloon inflator $20.99
ballons 100 pk ct $21.98
heluim tank $27.99
tissue paper streamer $10.99
pennant flag $12.99
Bouncey house $299.00
Face painting paint $51.98
Generators 5hrs $200.00
Dunk Tank $385.00
DJ $300.00
Tables (Rental) $100.00
Chairs (Renatl) $80.00
tent by eurmax $249.95
tent by punchau $239.98
Planting pots paper 100ct $14.02

SUBTOTAL = 4,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $200
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120



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  • Veda
  • Marcus L.
  • devonna m.
  • Shan C
  • Brenda 159
  • Elizabeth M
  • C. Sandy
  • Dagoberto C
  • Dante C
  • Tracy A
  • Jonathan F
  • Scedell C
  • Eliesha H
  • Auissa A
  • Donna S.
  • Francis W
  • Gail S
  • Bright D Limm
  • Anonymous
  • Shawna Morlock
  • Shadera G.
  • Nirda Acebvedo
  • Kesha F.
  • Roshni M.
  • Ladie J.
  • Jeanny R.
  • Deshone S.
  • Kim M.
  • Sha H.
  • Leticia M.
  • Alma D
  • Andree F.
  • Arlene
  • Thaddeus T
  • Mr. K
  • Jaime D
  • Elizabeth B
  • David R
  • Elio C.
  • Andra S.
  • A. Baksh
  • N. Delvalle
  • N. Sampson
  • C. Ogleton
  • Martinez
  • Shawn V.
  • Attima W.
  • Eleanor I.
  • Marion D.
  • Melvine B
  • David Gill
  • Ireen H.
  • Imo Webb
  • All Residents of building 109-44 160th St Jamaica, NY 11433
  • Mama Reed
  • Linda J.
  • Carmen W.
  • Jahquis Spenser
  • Stephanie McFallen
  • Lesile Stevens
  • Kelly M.
  • Stephanie F.
  • Bryon Mitchell
  • Solange G.
  • Charles B.
  • Sharnagne A.
  • Robert G.
  • Kevin A.
  • Janice Berry
  • Renee
  • Shaakira Alexander
  • Adrienne Liatan
  • Mike Mugan
  • PO Seto
  • PO Franco
  • Sgt. Bruno
  • Peter K.
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  • Berry Janice
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