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We're at $15K and climbing! Help us reach the finish line!

the project

RPA’s once-a-generation regional plans have guided the growth of the New York – New Jersey – Connecticut metropolitan area for nearly 100 years. Ideas and recommendations made in RPA’s first three plans, published in 1929, 1968 and 1996, have led to the establishment of some of the region’s most significant infrastructure, open space and economic development projects—including new bridges and roadways, improvements to our transit network, the preservation of vital open space and the renewed emphasis on creating sustainable communities centered around jobs and transit.


In late 2017, RPA released its Fourth Regional Plan, seeking to address the region’s most pressing issues—including housing affordability, overburdened transportation infrastructure, vulnerability to climate change, and failing governance structures. The plan was the product of five years of research and public engagement with residents, civic partners, business leaders and government officials.


The fourth plan was released as a website, but many have requested that the fourth plan also be published as a book, an enduring point of reference for students, planners, community leaders, advocates, government officials, and armchair urbanists. We are launching this campaign to help fund and distribute a print run of the fourth plan to schools, libraries, community organizations and government offices across our region, as well as to supporters like YOU!  


the steps

- Hire a graphic designer to translate the Fourth Plan from a digital document into book format, adding additional renderings that were completed after the initial release 

- Print hardbound and softbound copies of the Fourth Plan 

- Distribute copies of the Fouth Plan to regional libraries, schools, government offices and to our IOBY backers 

why we're doing it

We started work on the Fourth Regional Plan by conducting surveys, convened focus groups and talked to a wide range of community, civic, business and public-sector leaders to better understand the needs and concerns of everyone who calls the metropolitan area home.


What emerged was a paradox.

People in the New York City metropolitan region love where they live, and they believe in the region’s future potential. They have seen the region face daunting challenges over the past generation and come back even stronger. This was true for everyone we spoke with: rich and poor, city dweller and suburbanite, young and old, families and single people.


But people also said they were losing faith.

Regardless of where they lived or how much money they made, many said life was becoming too expensive, housing and jobs were too difficult to find, and the social divisions in our society were too deep.


Most distressing was the feeling that we could not solve these problems. 

The fourth plan is about how we can secure a safe and prosperous future for the next generation if we break free from thinking that these problems are too big or too complex to solve. But first we must shake off our old habits and assumptions and have a bold plan of action that considers the needs of everyone in our region. The Fourth Regional Plan is a roadmap to making the region work for all of us.


It takes a village.

The fourth plan was the product of a whole movement of effective and thoughtful leaders on community, transportation, housing, environmental and governance issues. It is these leaders and their successors who need to be empowered and motivated to make change over the next decade. Help us get the Fourth Regional Plan in their hands!




Book designer - $5,000 

Printing 459 copies of the Fourth Regional Plan in softcover - $20,000 

Subtotal = $25,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $750
Total to raise = $25,785


We're at $15K and climbing! Help us reach the finish line!

With just 15 days left in our campaign, we're so grateful to you all for your support! Please continue to help us spread the word by sharing this tweet and encouraging your friends and colleagues to donate as well. 

Thank you! 

We've just got $10K to us get to the finish line!

Many thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign thus far! With just a little over $10,000 to raise before we reach our goal, we need your help now more than ever! Click here to share a tweet and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to help RPA turn the Fourth Regional Plan into a book!

Thanks so much again! 

We've surpassed the halfway mark!

We're getting so close to our goal of $25,000! Thank you to everyone who has donated to our campaign thus far, and please continue to help spread the word! 

We're Live!

Thanks to our early donors for helping us get on our way. Today we launched this campaign to the wider world and we're thrilled to see such strong early support for our project. Help us continue to spread the word and we'll keep you posted as we begin work on the book design. 


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