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the project

The HERO (Healing, Empathy, Redemption and Oasis) Nurturing Center Hope Garden is about transforming a decades-long empty lot on Geneva Ave into a vibrant fruit garden. Inspired by the work of Judith Foster, this garden will provide space for healing and gathering. Framed by raised beds for community gardening and several fruit trees, this space will activate an urban corridor into a community gathering space and provide opportunities for connection to nature, to neighborhoods, and to each other.

This project has been a collaboration between several local community groups, including Farmers Collaborative, Boston Food Forest and Speak for the Trees. Their collaboration demonstrates the hunger in the Boston area for the development of urban green spaces, especially in neighborhoods that lack this type of space. The funds raised through this platform will pay for the installation of a trellis, a doorway that will serve as a welcoming entry into this urban oasis. An example of a similar trellis is below:

the steps

This project is well underway! The raised beds have been built, the area landscaped, and a crushed-stone pathway installed. Fruit trees and understory plants will be installed on Thursday, October 25th. The trellis will be the last piece of the first phase of this project. Additional plans for the project include the installation of granite blocks for sitting and further landscaping abutting the neighboring restaurant.

why we're doing it

The Bowdoin / Geneva Corridor is a diverse neighborhood in Dorchester. With a 93% non-white population defined by as much by its economic inequity as its cultural vibrancy, it is comprised of a population of families from all over the world: Cape Verde, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Vietnam, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Liberia.This diversity provides richness and energy, but also leads to challenges around issues of equity, empowerment, and community coherence. The HERO Hope Garden, located at 424-428A Geneva Ave, brings together local voices and residents to activate an empty lot into a bountiful and peaceful community fruit garden. The landscaped space, already used by residents as a cut-through between Leroy Street and Westville Street, will now serve as a safe shared space for people to rest, to heal, and to gather and build community.


The trees are planted, the pathway is built. We would love your support to install a trellis entrance into this community space. Designed and crafted by HomeHarvest, this unique wooden trellis will welcome community members into this oasis garden. It will be surrounded by fruit trees and understory bushes and will have hardy kiwi growing on it.

SUBTOTAL = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150



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