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the project

We want to be able to lead the residents in Homewood to self sustainablilty and a fresh start.

In the beginning of 2018 Homewoods’s Backyard Market was just an abandoned outdoor vacant lot and a vision. Opening in July and running through September, the market was able to give entrepreneurs an outlet to make money, artists a chance to show off their talent, and gave the community access to fresh produce from local farms, homemade holistic products, and a good time!

This year Homewood's Backyard Market wants to strive to make it “All Good In The Hood” again, and to make it so we need some help. There is still a lot that needs to be done on the property (i.e. stump removal, cutting down old trees, fertilzing the grass, planting flowers, maintaing the propety, etc). We also need help spreading the word of this market's exsistance to reach and engage with the Homewood community on a larger scale.



the steps

Timeline 2019

January - September

January - May

    Januray 1st - 31st / Marketing/Advertising

        Plan and create entire marketing campaign starting Febuary; ending September designed around making it “All Good In The Hood”

        Have flyers/posters, videos ads, newspaper articles, slideshows, facebook promotions ready and set in position

        Connect with IOBY to start crowdfunding

        (Order port a johns)

    Febuary - March 30th

        Begin fundraising/ raising awareness about the market, its goals, and its needs

        Begin looking for volunteers

        Reach out to backyard gardeners, in the community

Reach out to local farms and other organizations for produce options

         Reach out to vendors who came last year as well as looking for new ones

April - May 30th

    Begin neighborhood revitilization


    June - October

        Open for business

3pm - 5:30pm Every Wednesday

3pm - 7 pm Every Last Saturday of the month


why we're doing it

Homewood's Backyard Market will begin to solve Homewood's economic problems as well as as some environmental problems as well. The market place is a resource that will provide more useful, accessable resources to Homewood and its residents. By having this market, it gives residents the opportunity to make money, buy fresh produce, and to just hang out with friends and family, in a safe and clean environment. This is important because these things will help the Homewood community progress towards self sustainability.


Lawn/Storage/electricity Equipment: $3,000

  1. Rentals: $1,500
  2. Gardening materials  (wood for flowe beds, seeds, compost, tools) :$1,500 

Labor for land revitilization: $5,000

Insurance/legal : $1,000

Adverstising/Marketing: $1,000


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345



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