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the project

“The Journey Enterprises NP is the want to help those who cannot help themselves. We want to open up our hearts and our doors to provide a positive and safe place for those that suffer from substance abuse and the different types of mental health problems.

Navasota is a very small community that has a large need for guidance, but not a place to go. A community center that caters to those that are in need is our ultimate goal. This will include a gym, yoga, art therapy, music therapy, counseling rooms that will have different recovery or mental health based partners to use for an open space, plus more. We are trying to gather the funds to put our idea into place. The 501c3 is the start."

the steps

1. Find a law office to help us file 1023. Preferably in the town of Navasota or neighboring to give it straight back to the community.

2. Meet with said law office to explain our mission. We want someone that understands the cause and could potentially want to be involoved in future activities. 

3. If we are confident that they support our cause and can get this done from beginning to end we will hire said law office. 

4. This is where the waiting game comes in. The tax exempt status can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to complete. 

5. Once we get our 501(c)(3) status we will apply for grants, and hopefully this will allow us to cut the rope and start on the BIG GOAL. A fully functioning self-help community center. 


why we're doing it

We have all known someone, seen someone, or have had our own personal addiction to something. Antidepressants, ADHD medication, Alcohol Abuse, Sugar Addiction, Sex, Gambling etc. This list goes on and on. We have found that reaching out to the community and having that as a backbone has pushed us and those around us to a healthier lifestyle. 

Achieveing 501(c)(3) status will be the start of us taking BIG action for the community of Navasota. Applying for grants and taking that money directly to buying or building the space we need to open our community center. 

Navasota is in Grimes County. Grimes has a population of approx 27,000 with Navasota having approx 7607 in 2017. It has a beautiful southern downtown, that just needs a little jump start to put us back on the map. Beautify Downtown is something that has already been started with the shop owners, the only thing we are lacking now is a safe place for those that may not want to jump head first into the community as a whole. This community center will not only serve its purpose but achieve so much more. 

Thinking BIG but starting small is the key with The Journey Enterprises NP. We want to reach for the moon one step at a time, Tax Exempt Status is that first step. 


501(c)(3) Filing cost- $600.00

Outside Source to File 1023

                     - This will most likley be a law office. The quotes recieved are anywhere from $2000-5000. 

                           - Paperwork being filled out 100% correctly 

                           - In the event that something is not worded correctly, it will be handled through us and the law office hired. 

Because I cannot provide a final answer to any of these law offices that I have contacted, we do not have the final number. This ball park number will of course be dedicated to filing these fees and with anything that is left over, it will go into the NP account and used for the events that we hold. (easyneverneededyou) is the facebook page that shows what types of events we have done and what we will be working toward in the future. 

SUBTOTAL = 5,600
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $280
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $168





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