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the project

The Project

Shooting Without Bullets is seeking funding for the development of its Artist Collective

What it is: A creative collaborative of visual artists and hip-hop performers who use art as activism to speak out against injustice

Who’s it for: Young adults ages 18 -21 in Cleveland, OH

What will they do?: 

  • Collectively produce social justice-themed creative works 

  • Participate in cutting edge collaborative opportunities

  • Receive hands-on practical training & culturally relevant professional development

  • Work with mentors to develop their individual artistic skills and careers

Shooting Without Bullets has been shifting culture, policy, and perspective since 2016. Through arts and social justice related programming, we amplify the youth perspective and advocate for systemic change to eliminate the barriers faced by black and brown youth and young adults. 

Founded as a photo-based arts & social justice education program by artist & activist Amanda D. King, Shooting Without Bullets has since evolved to further meet the needs of black and brown youth in Cleveland and to respond to public demand for exhibitions, performances, collaborations, and commissions. 

As young artists grow in age and talent, the transition from participation in youth arts programming to self-sufficient artist [or participant in the creative economy] is often a difficult one. Artists face barriers related to lack of network and access to the arts ecosystem, professional skills, and lack of resources to create work. 

The Shooting Without Bullets Artist Collective meets these needs by creating space for black and brown artists ages 18 - 21 to produce creative works while gaining hands-on collaborative experience and artistic career development. United by their passion for art and activism, collective artists simultaneously advance their artistic mediums and use them to advocate for social change.

the steps

The Steps

  • Program Design and Development
  • Youth-led Project Planning & Conceptualization
  • Production of Artwork

why we're doing it

Why we're doing it

Cleveland is home to a thriving and rapidly expanding creative economy, generating $9.1 billion on average. Cleveland is also one of the most racially segregated and disparate urban areas in the United States. While little data exists on the racial makeup of those benefiting from this thriving economy, anecdotal evidence reveals very few opportunities for black and brown artists in which their talents and experiences are adequately valued. Data does show, however, that black and brown communities in Cleveland experience disproportionate levels of poverty and unemployment. 


Despite the immense creative talent displayed amongst black and brown youth and young adults, systemic barriers continue to exclude and devalue them within the arts and culture industries. We seek to eliminate the existence of these barriers and provide resources that allow young black and brown artists to thrive in Cleveland’s creative economy. We create space for black and brown youth to claim autonomy of their own narratives and be valued as contributors to art, society, and culture. Lastly, we seek to motivate youth to use their art as activism to present their experiences and perspectives in ways that inspire transformative change to society and the arts ecosystem. 


Budget Breakdown

$21,000 project costs:

Project Development & Management = $12000

Costs to develop and facilitate collective programming and resulting creative projects

Young Adult Artist Stipends = $5000

Pays collective artists for producing work

Production Costs & Project Supplies = $4000

  • Includes 
  • Equipment Rental
  • Studio Time
  • Film & Processing
  • Materials

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    $1,143
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $686
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $22,864



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