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the project

Jazzaponics is a project in which a vacant 60 ft. by 100 ft. lot is transformed into an urban high volume food production farm (40K plants a month) and local residents take monthly subscriptions to receive fresh produce such as vegetables, fruit, herbs, and eggs (and fish a few months down the line) grown locally. The vegetables are grown using Aquaponics farming techniques (a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants) and vertical growing.

The prototype facility located in the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn, NY is constructed to be 100 percent green, with the use of modified discarded shipping containers and earthen building techniques as well as natural energy production.

The facility will also serve as a weekend training site to teach attendees how they can grow their own food as well as a wide scope of natural practices ranging from earthen building to herbal healthcare and individualize energy production. In addition, every Thursday and Friday will serve as an after work networking event where food and wine is available for the attendees and 2 sets of Jazz music are performed by some of the world's greatest Jazz artists including many from Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Lion King, and the Saturday Night Live band.

Once up and running, we will launch a Community Education and Outreach Program, an aspect of the Jazzaponics program where we'll have students spend a full school day learning about the facilities, aquaponics and other natural disciplines. We'll take them through a morning course and serve them a nutritious, organic lunch. We will host a fun, short participatory jazz performance that will provide soulful fun, teach jazz appreciation, and demonstrate the concept of working together to do something no matter their differences. Then we will move on to herbs, urban gardening, and finally a wrap-up where they will get handouts to further their studies into the sustainability paradigm. It is our intent to do this once a week with different schools, allowing them to set up mini-systems at their schools and homes.

the steps

  • We have designed the facilities, procured an architect to ensure we have permits and are up to code. We now need to get funds to proceed. Once minimally funded we can have the facility up and operating within 6 weeks.
  • This phase also includes the development of a personalized aquaponic grower that is under $300 and affordable enough for schools, individuals, and communities to buy to have food security. Proceeds will go to making sure that the facility is ready for student learning days.
  • It is the intent of the project creators to replicate the facility throughout NYC, the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world.

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why we're doing it

There are too many food deserts in urban areas and shortly there will be an economic collapse as well as food shortages due to a number of reasons including peak oil, climate change, and the global recession.

Our goal is to offer organic food to all residents at extremely low prices, train them in the natural disciplines, and offer them affordable home growing systems so they can grow their own food in their households.   


Architect = $10,000

Construction = $10,000

Coordinators =  $15,000

3 Instructors = $3,000

4 Musicians  = $7,000

Facilities Construction Materials = $20,000

Off the Grid Energy = $7,000

Tools  and Aquaponics equipment(including fish, seeds,) = $10,000

The personal growing tower development  = $15,000


Total project cost = $97,000


Third party credit card process (3%) = $2,910

Fiscal sponsorship (5%) = $4,850

ioby materials and labor = $35


Total to raise = $104,795



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